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Sonal Sinha, MD at SKT Web Themes Private Limited

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Sonal Sinha : Previously, I used to work for website designing and digital marketing company based in New Delhi. It was recession time of 2008-2009, so our project manager had left the job due to nonpayment of dues. The company owner asked me if I can manage the web and SEO projects for the company. Even though I was hesitant, initially, I did agree.

This is where I learned the skills of managing teams and how to deliver the result to the clients. So from sales, I had moved to project management in my second job.

Salaries were often delayed during my time in the company since the recession period was challenging as new projects were concerned. This was when I decided it’s time I started my own company.

I came back to Nagpur and started Shri Krishna Technologies in January 2010. At that time, WordPress as a CMS was very new, and people used it only for blogs. We used to get a lot of projects designing and developing corporate blogs for existing websites. We were also one of the top developers on Elance for WordPress in 2011.

As WordPress grew from a blog site CMS to a complete website CMS and Joomla wasn’t moving faster, we developed our skills more into WordPress, and with more projects under us, we were very comfortable using WordPress for all our projects.

It was easier to manage for clients, and the learning curve was significantly less, so a simple manual was used to do the trick, whereas Joomla took a lot of time for the customer to understand and get under the skin.

Besides SKT Themes (our main website), I own SKT Themes India, which is targeted for Indians only, and Themes21, which is a free WordPress theme website.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by SKT Web Themes Private Limited

Sonal Sinha : Currently, we are focussing on adding more WordPress themes to make the user a more comprehensive selection. We are currently working on a better theme, which I hope will be groundbreaking. We have also started working on plugins. Also we help people all around the world in website development and designing, etc

Great Companies: What makes SKT Web Themes Private Limited different from hundreds of other Web Designing firms ?

Sonal Sinha : Even though we started the theme business in 2013, we started getting recognized from 2014 as we started getting our themes listed in WordPress.org and other places.

Our WordPress themes have all the desired options, but the support we can say is amongst the best. We cater to every client’s requests and guide them through. Even though we were doing a lot of WordPress websites; however, while developing WordPress themes, we were completely new to what a customer can expect from an article. We then checked all the major competitors and their offerings and then understood the bare minimum options.

After that, we added many theme options, thinking about what the customer can ask of apart from what is being offered.