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Shubham Agrawal of Magic Lantern

Great companies:Can you commence by telling a little about your business? Shubham Agrawal:Magic Lantern is a Film and Animation studio by heart. Company started in the year of 2015 and was established by SHUBHAM AGRAWAL (CEO/Founder) a completely satisfied customer has been our only marketing strategy till now. Worked with various different companies and client and executing projects company have evolved a lot from its initial stages to very good strengths. We use Film and animation techniques for developing marketing collators for our clients from wide range of sectors.We provide wide range of solutions to the clients from idealization, to design, to execution in different sectors. we believe that with animation fantasy is our friend.

Great companies:Can you brief about the various kinds of services provided ?

Shubham Agrawal:We undertake end to end process. For an instance from designing a logo of the company to setting up a complete new office for them. This chain can include

1. ideation 2. designing of logo 3. branding 4. marketing collateral like visiting cards, flyer, brouchers, catalogues, letter pads, posters,

5. giveaways like pens, bags, pads, caps, t shirts, and more, 6. complete print range of listed materials like offset, digital, thermal etc 7. making marketing videos in either animation like 2d animation 3d animation, shooting a add film, documentaries, testimonial videos, virtual walk through, employee bytes and much more. 8. designing up their website, setting up social media platforms, digital marketing, 9. rural marketing like, billboards, no parking boards, pole tattoos, hoardings, theater adds and more.

10. setting up a complete new office for the company from design, to execution including- furniture, paints, lighting, indoor decor, outdoor decor and more. This makes us a one stop solution for the companies to get their brand setup in the market.

Great companies:How do you provide such quality services to your clients? Is it because of your team or your methods?

Shubham Agrawal:What i believe is that both the things goes hand in hand team and methods. To give a quality service to a client  take a lot of understanding of what he is looking at then planning all the methods around it which will be executed by the team. so its like a production pipelines. where i set the path and team adds there values on the go and the final result comes out to be a wonderful one which makes the client happy and opens new doors for us.

Great companies:How do you manage to come up with creative innovative and attractive ideas for your clients?

Shubham Agrawal:Ideas are something which which basically is some of your wild imaginations. that if we have to do this in that manner how it will look. Innovative is something which is derived out of ideas.. sometimes your idea might be same but it can me somewhere used in some other manner and you are using it in completely different manner where people cannot relate that you know..but for the audience it will be innovative for that subject. and attractive is what multiple brains make it where teams keep adding there values in it and make it as attractive as possible whether its design, video, anything. what i also believe is your observations skills help you a lot in bringing ideas up.. Really good observation skills will open new doors to ideas which people will not be able to think as they cannot observe as you can.

What do you plan to achieve 5 years down the line?

Shubham Agrawal:As far as i talk about MAGIC LANTERN, it will enter into cinema industry producing films and animations. That is the goal. I want to see Magic Lantern Name on the big screen with a weight of production house stating that the complete movie is produced in house whether its animation or live action anything will work for me. And if it comes on me.. 1 will be as the director for a feature film as well as on the business side i will be owning at least 10 different companies with different business in different sectors.



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