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Shruti Bhautik Sheth - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2023

Name: Shruti Bhautik Sheth

Business Name: iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Services

Location: Surat, India

Establishment (Year): 2014

Category/Industry: Advertising & Marketing

Profession/ Specialty: Digital Marketing Agency, Consulting, and Training

Social Media: Linkedin

Company details:

iVIPANAN is the pioneer of digital marketing services and training in Surat, India set by Shruthi Seth and her spouse. To date, Shruthi and her crew have trained more than 60,000 people through various modes of digital marketing and managed to bag 110+ clients globally. The core services like website development, SEO, social media marketing, digital Ads, designing, brand building, and content marketing are offered by iVIPANAN in India and Canada.

In association with institutions like the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce, and South Gujarat Productivity Council, and by conducting many workshops, iVIPANAN sensitized local business owners to digital marketing by using Facebook for marketing. The company also started to organize a ‘Social Media Day Event’ in 2016 and Digital Marketing Day every year since 2018. After the nationwide lockdown in 2020, Digital has become the first choice media for many businesses and that made my business a diverse platform for local business says, Shruti.

With all the commitment and hard work, the company was recognized and received an Award of “Distinguished Digital Leader” at the Digital Marketing Leadership Summit 2018 organized by XIME, Chennai. The company was selected ‘10 Most Promising Digital Marketing Companies to Watch in 2021’ by The Global Hues Magazine Vol.1, Issue 11, August 21, and as ‘The 20 wonderful workplaces to shape your career’ by The CEO Story magazine, October 21. In addition, the team was invited as Mentor by Techstars in Startup Weekend, Surat held in the year 2018.

Unique selling proposition/ competitive advantage:

The responsibility Shruti took in the year 2020 during lock down in campaigning for a school to put forward the pain of teachers in online teaching made the company gain popularity in the market. In addition, as a leader, she also introduced a policy to use the word “team member” instead of the term employee, which restored equality and created a strong working unit in the company.

Challenges faced during the journey:

Nationwide lockdown in the year 2020, managing the home, child, and business simultaneously was mentioned as the major challenge faced by Shruti. After her MBA, she chose to detach the ties with her father’s factory and decided to start her career along with her husband. Overcoming many ups and downs before and after COVID-19, Shruti, and her team are now in the 9th year of successful running.

Advice for women entrepreneurs:

“I just want to say to young women entrepreneurs that if I could achieve a small milestone then you too can achieve. Keep yourself grounded and you will achieve new heights,” were the exact words of Shruti.



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