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Shraddha Subramanian - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2022

Shraddha Subramanian - Sparkling Soul

Name: Shraddha Subramanian

Business Name: Sparkling Soul

Location: Pune, India

Establishment (Year): 2019

Profession/ Specialty: India's First Intuition Expert, Intuitive Alignment Business & Executive Coach, Author

Social Media : LinkedIn

Company Detail:

Mrs Shraddha is India's first Intuition Expert, an ICF CCA certified Intuitive Alignment Business & Executive Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, certified in Shadow Mastery & Author of Best Selling Book "Circle of Perspectives' '. Her mission to impact 1 million lives by 2023 & vision is to inspire people within & impact their 5 generations to come. She has more than 17+ years of Leadership & 3500+ hours of coaching & corporate training experience & has impacted the lives of people from 10 different countries ( US, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Qatar, France, Myanmar, Dubai, Canada & India ). Being a national player, she loves speed and that shows up in the massive results she also helps her clients to generate in a short period of time. Earlier she worked in IT for almost 15 years in various leadership positions and has travelled and experienced various cultures and parts of the world. She conducts very innovative workshops, highly engaging group coaching sessions and super empowering one to one coaching sessions. With her intuition, she can identify an individual's deep-rooted blocks in just 3 mins' time. In the corporate space - she helps corporations to bridge the gap between employee mindset & employer expectations. Being an employee, travelling across the world has always helped me see the big picture. This is why she is able to help organizations with solutions as she herself has been on that journey before. In the business space - she helps entrepreneurs generate 10x in half the time they have planned for. She coaches countries' top 5 business owners in various industries.

Unique Selling Proposition / Competitive Advantage:

1) Being an intuition expert her unique offering is that she can identify the deep-rooted blocks in individuals in just 3 mins conversation in the free discovery call. This helps her clients to not wait for multiple sessions for the root cause to be discovered and they focus on solving the challenges more rather than discovering it from the 1st session of our paid work together. This is very unique as against other coaches in an industry where they first start the coaching assignment and then identify the root cause to solve it. Given her vision of impacting 5 generations to come, today when she helps her client to shift & powerfully deal with life, she knows it is going to percolate to his/her 5th generation. Her coaching believes in that and that is how she creates impact in people's lives. 2) Her methods in coaching are disruptive. She massively cuts down on preparation for change time in her coaching and that helps her clients with amazing results in a short span of time. This is another unique thing about her coaching as in the coaching industry people go for 6 months to 1 year of coaching assignment. She helps transformation happen in as quick as 3 sessions as well. There have been examples where the free discovery call with her opens up a lot of channels for the individuals as they already know the root and start receiving massive opportunities in life. The example of an art gallery owner in Hyderabad, an events company owner in Pune, a financial planner in Canada, an audio video company owner in Dubai and many more who started to create much more after just a discovery call with her.

Challenges Faced During The Journey:

Mrs Shraddha’s journey - In 2012, explains that she had cancer and that turned her life around. Being a positive person, very much into self help, she could deal with it and overcome that challenge, but it left a desire in her to impact people's lives and help them deal with their own challenges with ease & grace. That's when she chose to be a coach leaving leadership positions & the hefty salary of the IT world behind. Not that she didn't enjoy IT. It was just that she found her purpose for making a difference to people rather than working with systems and code.

When she started her business, she had multiple responsibilities. Her daughter was just 2 years old and her mother had cancer so she needed extra attention. There was a big question whether to work for her passions, her purpose or continue the comfortable job giving her all she wanted except that inner fulfillment. She took a leap of faith & kept on moving towards her dream.

She has many testimonials and blessings that she received from people & their families and that's what keeps her going towards her vision. "Before joining the program : He was to pay a substantial amount to the bank (on 1st Oct ) and he was thinking of asking the bank for a levy of a month for paying that amount.

Halfway in the program now : Being in the coaching space he got the amount ready in his bank 15 days before 1 Oct and he was now chasing the bank to debit the money from his account. Not only this, he has been able to achieve and consistently live his unreasonable revenue goal ( we created at the start of the program) in the first 2 months of the program itself and now he has created the next level of unreasonable revenue map for the second half of the program." - Manish Khanna, Director Khanna Industries & Pipes, Mumbai

Advice For Women Entrepreneurs:

1. Find faith in yourselves. Trusting self is the biggest asset one can have for growth. 2. Ask for support. Asking is a trait of a great leader.

These are some wise words that Shraddha shares with other women entrepreneurs.



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