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Shraddha Subramanian - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2020

Shraddha Subramanian

Sparkling Soul

Life Coach and Author / ICF CCA Certified Leadership & Transformation Coach

Company Details

I help individuals, organisations and businesses to overcome mental barriers, achieve their dreams and live an extraordinary life with my coaching tools and techniques. I am a ICF CCA certified Leadership & Transformation Coach, Intuition Expert , NLP Master Practitioner & Author. I conduct workshops, group and 1:1 coachings focused on transformation & self mastery. My work is to impact and transform your fifth generation i.e. the transformation you undergo with me is rippled down to atleast your fifth generation to come. "Committed to Transforming Lives"

What challenges have you overcome to reach where you are now

In 2012 - I had uterus cancer.. working on myself to overcome this challenge gave me insight and inner strength to let go of my comfortable salaried IT Leadership job to help people around me. I overcame the challenge and now a proud mother of a lovely daughter. I published my bestseller first book "Circle of Perspectives" when my daughter was just 2 years and at the same time plunged into sea of uncertainty of new career for myself as a Life Coach as that is my true inner calling and passion. Dealing with loads of household responsibilities and terminally illness of elders in family made it more challenging for me to establish as an entrepreneur but I am glad and super blessed to make it happen for myself as a milestone. The difficult times taught me to be more resilient towards situations, have a positive perspective and be an absolute performer for executing my ideas.

What message you want to give for other aspiring women entrepreneurs

Women have so much power, potential and inborn skills to create and execute. Unleash your hidden potential, contribute to yourselves, pamper yourselves and be a true inspiration for generations to come !!

To what do you attribute your success

To my mother.. a working women who took all the pains for first bringing me to life and then lead by example on what power women have to handle not only responsibilities as joint family and society expects but to shine bright for herself with great determination, perseverance and commitment. I always look upto her journey which inspires me to be a better woman and best entrepreneur..

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