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Shraddha Subramanian Emerging Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2021

Name : Shraddha Subramanian

Business Name : Sparkling Soul

City : Pune

Country : India

About Brand/Company : I am an ICF CCA certified Leadership & Transformation Coach, Intuition Expert, NLP Master Practitioner & Author of Best Selling Book ""Circle of Perspectives"". My mission to impact 1 million lives by 2023 & vision is to inspire people within & impact their 5 generations to come. I have more than 3000+ hours of coaching & corporate training experience & I have impacted lives of people from. US, UK, Australia, France, Qatar, Netherlands & India.

Being a national player, I love speed and that shows up in the massive results I help my clients to generate in a short period of time.

Earlier I worked in IT for almost 15 years in various leadership positions & have travelled and experienced various cultures and parts of the world.

I conduct very innovative workshops, highly engaging group coaching sessions and super empowering one to one coaching sessions.

I help corporates to bridge the gap between employee mindset & employer expectations. Being an employee, travelling across the world has always helped me see the big picture. This is why I am able to help organisations with solutions as I myself have been in that journey before.

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