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Sharon Lobo, Founder at Quirky Writers Media

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Sharon Lobo: When I started out my freelancing journey, I came across quite a few people that had the money but couldn't find quality writers. That's when I decided to focus on quality content and started expanding by adding multiple services around it like Website development, LinkedIn Optimization, PR, etc. My sole focus with the company is to produce something that is valuable to the brand's audience rather than just focusing on likes and comments on various social media platforms. The biggest asset that my company has is, the services provided by us were literally asked by the clients. I started out by writing a few blogs, it was my clients that came to me and asked me to add multiple other services because of the speed and quality of delivery. This is what I always say, rather than just speaking and showcasing your services, ask your clients what they want, they will always give you the answer.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by Quirky Writers Media

Sharon Lobo: Quirky Writers Media is a 360-degree Marketing agency that provides both online and offline Marketing. In a pool of specializations, we bring all Marketing services under one roof; making it a one-stop solution for the growth of Brands. We solve the problem of expensive marketing by eliminating the need to work with multiple agencies and quality damage by offering premium services taken care of by experts. Everything that you can think of in terms of Marketing is what we offer right from Brochure creation to Website development to Award shows. We have been known for our prompt Content writing services, Organic LinkedIn Services that have helped countless B2B founders in COVID times, and Animation videos that are delivered within a week which usually take a month.

Great Companies: What makes Quirky Writers Media different from hundreds of other Marketing Agencies?

Sharon Lobo : Before I even mention this, I want to talk about how we need to stop looking at being completely different especially in the agency world where everyone's services are almost the same. Of course, you should have a USP but you don't need to stand out all the time, you can offer the same services as others, there's enough for all of us out there. Just make sure you are offering quality services. As for us, when we looked around we saw that everyone was just offering one specialization and companies had to go to multiple agencies which caused disengagement in their Marketing strategies, hence we launched as a one-stop solution.

With the budgets and time that startups and solopreneurs lack, they couldn't afford to onboard multiple agencies and that's exactly what we get done for them in half the time. Additionally, I will be completing a decade of working in the Marketing world, which brings in the expertise and experience that startups need to grow from scratch to scale. Besides this, we don't work with packages and a one size fits all model, we ask the clients what their 6-months-goal is and what budget they have in mind for a monthly retainer and then based on that curate a customized package that will do their brand maximum good.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Sharon Lobo: Today everybody who knows how to use Instagram thinks they are a Marketing expert. Marketing has shifted from understanding the depths of consumer psychology to just how many likes and followers you have. This has ruined the reputation of Marketers and what they are capable of. Many times when clients come to me they barely have any faith in Marketing as a whole and when I talk to them I realize they were working with some 14-year-old who told them they could bring in leads and failed to do so. My biggest challenge then becomes to first restore their faith in Marketing before even onboarding them as a client because unless you believe in it you will not be patient enough to see the results. The second challenge is not understanding the difference between sales and marketing, many a time clients come to us and want to see leads right from Day 1. There is no understanding of branding or how Marketing can really help their brand.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Quirky Writers Media?

Sharon Lobo : In the past 4 years we have gone from a purely Content writing agency to offering some marketing services to a full-fledge 360-degree Marketing agency and we will continue to keep expanding in the same sector. Quirky Writers Media has plans of launching various products in the Marketing world that will help budding Marketers find a place to get practical knowledge. We are also looking forward to growing our client base further in the international markets of Dubai, China, and Africa. To sum it up, in the next 5 years, we are looking to have a team of 100+ members working towards bringing back the essence of true marketing while also helping the youth who are interested to pursue a career in this field.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Sharon Lobo: Define what success means to you, it can either be a full-blown agency with thousands working with you or it can be you sitting in the Himalayas working with just 10 clients. There is no 1 definition of success, like how we are taught by society. Take a book and a pen, go to a quiet coffee shop, and ask yourself these questions, What makes me happy? What kind of lifestyle do I want to pursue? What kind of career do I want to build? Where do I want to live in the next few years? And all of these questions should be answered just by your own thoughts. Not your mother's, father's, teacher's, teachings no, just what you want to do, and then you will see everything falling in place.

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