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Sequretek IT Solutions Private Limited, Great Companies SME Business of the Year Award Winner 2021

Company Name: Sequretek IT Solutions Private Limited

Founder Name: Pankit Navnitrai Desai

Category and Sub-Category: IT - Cybersecurity

City: Mumbai

Year of Founding: 2013

Can you provide us with a description about your Brand / Company:

Cyber Security industry from a customer’s point of view can be divided in the world of have’s and have not’s - where the Top 10% has access to everything whilst the rest have to make do without much of any. As they say the industry is for, by and to the elite.

If you look at any technology goes through a curve where there is complexity in the beginning and over a period of time it becomes simple and commoditized. Security industry is going the other way where every year new technology areas emerge in response to new threats instead of enhancing existing technologies, the result is 90 technologies areas and 3500 different companies make security amongst the most fragmented market in the tech space. All these options make the life of Have-nots difficult since they do not the resources to understand the what, why, when and how of their needs. There is way too much buyer’s remorse and consequential churn here.

Sequretek was born in 2013, therefore, with a vision “to simplify security by consolidating the technology landscape” and mission “to empower our customer’s growth without fear as their trusted security partner by simplifying security”. The key words here are removing fear attached security threats linked to the digital transformation that has become essential for our customer’s growth and the fact that we will make security simple and accessible to them as their trusted partner.

We focus on three areas where we would lead with our technology i.e. device security, user behavior and enterprise security visibility. There are two major trends that one sees in the industry, first is that employees are moving out of their offices and second is that data-centers are moving to cloud. In this scenario the traditional perimeter defense concepts are becoming irrelevant, since there is hardly anything within the perimeter to protect. In fact, the new perimeter that needs to be defended zealously is your user and the devices they use to interact with the company. This is where our products come in, the traditional approach of addressing these forces customers to buy 8+ individual security technologies to adequately secure their environments. Most customers do not have the financial and technical maturity to be able to understand and procure it.

Our products for endpoint security and user access governance, in combination with a cloud-based enterprise wide security monitoring offers not only protection offers a complete package that uses our technology to defend, manage and monitor security across the organization, a de-facto one neck to choke. We believe that the market we are addressing is currently underserved and our approach of offering simplicity, ownership of outcomes and affordable subscription-based services makes us uniquely positioned to be a preferred choice for our customers.

USP / Competitive Advantage:

Sequretek products offer cutting edge technology solutions for next generation threats.

Sequretek’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solutions ensure increased efficiency in threat detection as the element of human dependency to write rules to detect are eliminated. The algorithm self analyzes and create rules and identifies patterns which are malicious.

For our innovative products and our usage of cutting-edge technologies helped us to win the India’s Biggest AI Challenge in RAISE 2020, an initiative by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, where more than 172 countries participated for the event. We were also a proud recipient of “Security Product Company of the Year” award by DSCI – Data Security Council of India, a NASSCOM Initiative in 2019.

Combination of Sequretek EDPR and IGA along with MDR gives enterprises the ability to Detect, Manage and Respond to next generation threats. Each of our products competes with a combination of leading products available in the cyber-security market.

For Endpoint Detection, Protection and Response (EDPR)

Sequretek EDPR uses Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning techniques to augment and sharpen the malware and advanced threat detection that has been traditionally based on signature, behavior and reputations. The cocktail of algorithm based on supervised, deep learning and reinforced ML models combined with deep security domain experience ensure continuous learning and ability to face and proactively detect ever growing newer security threats. EDPR effectively cover malware based on executable and non-executable files. Our Malware research group continuously feed the training data and emerging virus patterns on a daily and real time basis to continuously improve and learn in our ML solutions.

If you compare our products to traditional antivirus, features like Application white-listing, patching, Vulnerability & Configuration Management, DLP, Device Control and EDR are not available with our competitors in one product. These are some of the key windows for most of the malicious files to infiltrate and these solutions are of paramount importance to Enterprises.

For Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

Most IDAM / IAM players in the market follow a proponent of Identity consolidation. Sequretek Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) follows a federated identity approach so as to reduce execution complexity. It’s completely a compliance level product.

If we talk about the technology access coverage, the traditional IAM solutions are primarily application centric whereas the Sequretek IGA covers all applications, infrastructure, endpoints and shared services which enables you a complete access coverage.

Sequretek IGA supports both structured application and unstructured data i.e. files and folders which is not supported by traditional IAM’s. The traditional IAM’s support only the structured data i.e. applications. Therefore, traditional IAM covers 50% of the user base whereas Sequretek IGA empowers the organization to cover all technology users in order to achieve governance across all user segments.

For Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

The proactive threat hunting is a manual activity for most parts with little or no heuristics whereas the AI driven Sequretek MDR uses deep learning capabilities to ensure early detection with integration to global threat feeds.

The security operations and compliance is more effective in Sequretek MDR as it is AI driven with features like Netflow and log collection capabilities while the traditional SOC providers have limited correlation based rules.

The incident management is a manual process in traditional products in the market and the remediation is left out to customers, which not the case with MDR. MDR features with automated incident orchestration and containment.

Market currently has independent tools and limited analytics due to technology restrictions. Sequretek MDR is capable of generating Real-time and Time-based data analytics at your fingertips.

Sequretek MDR also features with risk-based compliance dashboards and granular reporting.

Your accomplishments, milestones achieved so far:

Starting from 2013, Sequretek has grown to a team of 400 cyber security professionals today. After having presence in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, Sequretek marked its international expansion through their office in United States and plan expanding to other geographies and markets. Sequretek has direct sales support in US, India regions whereas they have signed up with partners in different regions like Africa, Europe, Singapore and Middle East Regions.

Sequretek has leading banks, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, IT companies in its marquee clientele.

Key Milestones:
• We today have an employee strength of over 400 working for us in different regions in India and US
• 25+ customer wins in the current financial year
• 8+ Awards & Recognition solely in the year 2020-21


• Strategic Partnership with Intel Corporation - Sequretek also announced technology integration with Intel Corporation in the usage and integration of Accelerated Memory Scanning (AMS), Threat Detection Technology (TDT) and GPU in accelerating and improving the threat detection capability in our products.

• ICSA Labs, USA certified Product- To make our product suite world class and compete in the Global market place, Sequretek has engaged ICSA lab, USA to benchmark and certify our product suite. Our product successfully achieved the certification for Advanced Threat Defense with phenomenal accuracies

• One of the 10 Start-ups selected for the FIS Financial Accelerator Program (2020)- Sequretek was selected in an exclusive list of 10 companies by Financial Technology Leader, FIS and The Venture Center as part of their accelerator program to identify next generation companies for global scale-up. Sequretek was also chosen as the “Most Valuable Participant” during the demo day by FIS and The Venture Center

• Partnership with Ingram Micro – One of the Largest IT Distributors in India

Ingram Micro has announced the addition of Sequretek to its Cloud portfolio in India. Sequretek was one of the runners-up in the India edition of Comet Competition 2019, Ingram Micro’s global start-up challenge for early-stage B2B technology companies.

Target Customers:

Whilst security is industry agnostic traditionally it has found most resonance in compliance driven industries such as financial sector, healthcare, retail (PCI) or IT Services (customer driven). However, in the recent past hitherto underinvested sectors like manufacturing, media, hospitality, pharmaceuticals etc. have also started investing heavily on security on account of several high profile attacks.

For us the most prominent segments currently are financial, services and manufacturing. From a size perspective most of our customers are large to medium size enterprises in north, west and south of India. We have lot of partner engagements going across the globe and look forward to win more customers in a short period of time.



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