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Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Sandeep Sinha: The idea of MEDHINI incepted during COVID pandemic Era , where the entire world was engulfed under the clutch of a new and deadly disease which stalled everyone's life. With no such easy disease diagnosing tool available and watching every second person suffering with so much of fear prevailing in the society. Me and my co-founder "Mr.Anurag Jain" being a Artificial Intelligence Techie came with an idea to help this society with our Technical Expertise. That's how "ARFICUS" was born on October 2019. "Arficus" name coined from "ABACUS(First Computer) to ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE = ARFICUS". We developed our first Product and named it "MEDHINI" because it has a meaning "Healthy Mother Nature". MEDHINI with its stern Artificial Intelligence Algorithm provides the diagnosing of diseases in just 53 seconds a with an accuracy of 99.31%. We thus enhanced our solution "MEDHINI" for diagnosing of much more complex, chronic and rare diseases in our this 2 years journey and we proudly state that now "MEDHINI" provides diagnosing of 13 diseases viz. Monkey Pox, Otitis Media, Melanoma, Carcinoma,Kidney Ailments, Diabetes, Covid, Mucormycosis, Alzheimer, Breast Cancer,Tuberculosis, Pneumonia,Brain Stroke, Heart Attack,Leukemia ( Rarest to Common Diseases )- We are Committed for Accurate, Quality and Affordable Diagnosis for All Diseases and for all Sections of the society and vehemently focussed on Rural, Poor, Downtrodden, Far - Flung Remote areas where people don't even have access to quality healthcare.

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by MEDHINI- BY ARFICUS PRIVATE LIMITED?

Sandeep Sinha: MEDHINI has completely B2B Business model with 110 clients present across 5 countries India, UK, Cambodia, Nigeria and Malaysia. Our clients are majorly Hospitals, Healthcare Centers, Diagnostics Labs, Nursing homes, Primary Healthcare Centers, Anganwadi Centers etc. MEDHINI has Three service Verticals:-

1. MEDHINI Diagnosing- In this we provide Artificial Intelligence based Accurate Disease Diagnosing ( Rarest to Common Diseases ) in less than a minute and with highest accuracy

Disease Screening at very early stage with higher accuracy , provides early diagnosing and Early Treatment

2. MEDHINI Prediction- Patient Past , Present and Future Disease Prediction Modelling and Probability for based on its Current Co-Morbidities, Lifestyle, Drugs etc.

Patient Anomalies and Health Mapping for future ( Health Prediction Modelling making Everyone's Future ready about their health - The most Novel Platform across the globe (So far everyone diagnose disease after suffering, MEDHINI envisioned to Map anomalies Before Happening)

3. MEDHINI Surveillance- Disease Surveillance, Pandemic Surveillance and New Drug Discovery Analysis and Support

Better and Informed Decision Making by Medical Professionals

Great Companies: What makes MEDHINI- BY ARFICUS PRIVATE LIMITED different from hundreds of other similar service providers?

Sandeep Sinha: There are numerous aspects which makes MEDHINI different from its competitors

1. Team -Actually we call it "MEDHINI's Secret Society"- With all the 4 pillars of MEDHINI are strong Tech Backgrounds we are quite bolstered and ahead of any of our competitors.

2.Tech - MEDHINI has the most advanced Tech Algorithm in the Current Health-care Ecosystem marks us always an inch ahead from our competitors.

3. Business models- MEDHINI with its advanced algorithm and highly accurate system and providing the services in the most cost effective manner i.e to Test yourself from MEDHINI even for any chronic disease it just charges you INR 500/- makes it pocket friendly and accessible to every section of the society.

4.Equitable Health- MEDHINI access to even the remotest areas of the globe with no Healthcare facility via our Mobile Vans facility thus make MEDHINi the strongest player of the market.

5. Immense focus on Research and Development- We focus immensely on our Research and Development, thus constantly work day and night to provide the best ever and Novel solution to mankind.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Sandeep Sinha: We at Arficus faced many challenges and struggles. We at ARFICUS all are 1st Gen Entrepreneur , so don't have any clue how to run a business , from where to start , what all things we need to do, legal compliances and so on . With a vision that "Every day should be better than yesterday" we kept our nerves calm , learnt from our mistakes , Digested our failures, Celebrated our success and thus worked endlessly for the benefit and making life easy for this society. We thus are marking our footprints strongly and steadily with each passing day in this industry.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What do 5 years down the line look like for MEDHINI- BY ARFICUS PRIVATE LIMITED?

Sandeep Sinha: MEDHINI currently stands on a 100+ crore valuation and soon crossing 1000+ crore valuation with launch of

Health Prediction Modelling making Everyone's Future ready about their health - The most Novel Platform across the globe (So far everyone diagnose disease after suffering, MEDHINI envisioned to Map anomalies Before Happening)

Climate Change creates biggest Havoc in the history of Mankind, MEDHINI envisioned to Create World's first Cross-effect Prediction Platform for Human Health due to Climate Change MEDHINI's Neura-Chip Platform for Tracking each and every Vitals of the Patient continuously for 365x24x7. Thus World's first ever Human-Inbuilt DIagnosing Agent Expand MEDHINI's presence across 7 Continents and 130+ Countries byFY 2024 End Becoming a Global Leader in Diagnosing and Making MEDHINI a synonym of Good Health Raising Company's Valuation to $1 Billion by FY 2024 end. Becoming World's First AI Based Equitable Health- Tech Unicorn

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Sandeep Sinha: I always say this to my Team , Its my Tagline " Perseverance devise Wonders" So Focus on the Niche Problems of the society,Technology can Help Society so keenly build the Product keeping end user benefits in mind, Have faith in yourself, Don't Get disheartened with the failures. Keep up the good work always.



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