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Sameer Satyarth, CEO at Raidonnews

Great Companies: How did you get the idea or concept for the business?

Sameer Satyarth: Basically since the childhood I had a keen interest in selling and buying the things and I had a good skills in those. But at that time I didn't know about the entrepreneurship. Later, as I grew I got to know about it and saw many people were opening startup companies and making themselves entrepreneur. At a very early age, idea of becoming self dependent came to mind and I also wanted to see myself as an entrepreneur and so I moved forward for this. Since STD-6, I started developing and designing websites. Later, after designing many such, I designed a website and called it as RAIDONNEWS.

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by Raidonnews?

Sameer Satyarth:

Raidonnews is such a website which can provide you with huge name and fame. We cover the full life biographies of people no matter what's their background of work is, either he/she is a vendor or a big celebrity, if they are interested in featuring themselves then our services are always open for them with due respect and whoever's biography gets covered on our website it get ranked under 5 on Google which obviously increases the impression of that person on it.

News Articles are also get covered on our website. We provide with PR Marketing , PR Branding, Web Development Services like- Hosting, Domain, Licensing and etc.....

So yes, we can say that Raidonnews is not just a featuring website rather it a huge package of Digital Marketing.

Great Companies: What makes Raidonnews different from other similar service providers?

Sameer Satyarth: As I already said that Raidonnews is not just a featuring website rather it is a huge package of Digital Marketing which makes it unique from all others. Generally one particular website can provide you with a particular work service but our website i.e, Raidonnews not only provide you with this but also all other needs that are needed to grow your impression globally. Also we give the surety that whatever or whoever's article we give, it will definitely be ranked on Goggle. Our SEO and BRANDING services are also something which makes us unique from others as the ranking of an article mainly depends on SEO work and we provide the best. We have 1000+ trusted and satisfied clients and that too in a very short period of time. Most important thing that I follow is "I BELIEVE IN COLLABORATIONS RATHER THAN COMPETITIONS", which is again something different and unique from others, because now a days people have developed a competitive nature inside them rather being supportive.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you faced?

Sameer Satyarth: I belong from BIHAR, place where people are always taught to become an Engineer, Doctor or something in Government Jobs. When I decided to start my own website and work as an entrepreneur, people used to mock on me. Seeing me on laptop for long they used to say what non-sense he is doing, insted of spending time on it, if you could have read the books then you can be topper or something like that. That was really very demotivating for me. I have faced a huge criticism from my friends and some other people. But I never lost my hope, because it always seems impossible until it is done, and obviously, when someone tells you it can't be done, it's more a reflection of their limitations not your. With this mindset only, I faced all the criticism and time has changed, like my those friends or people who used to mock at me once, now comes to me and asks me to teach them also how to do these all things. So yes whenever, you will come up with something different, people will always be in against of that because our society always follow the old tradition but never get demotivated by them, always move towards your dream with a good mindset.

In the beginning, when I started working on websites, that was also somewhere a tough time for me. Literally I had generated 10 to 15 websites and worked on them but never got success. My website were not getting adsense which was really very disappointing. I made many YouTube channels, pages on Instagram but as always no good response was coming. But in 2019, when I came up with Raidonnews and with a proper team, it came up with good success and recognition from People.