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Sales Magnitude, Winner of the Great Companies Global Business Award - 2022

Business Name: Sales Magnitude

Name: Arun Mathews

Location: Bangalore, India

Establishment (Year): 2018

Category / Industry: Marketing and Advt

Sub Category / Sub Industry: Digital Marketing

Number of employees: 11-50 employees

Company Detail:

Sales Magnitude is a result-focused marketing agency that specifically helps both offline & online business owners with an increase in sales. Majorly achieved via high-quality lead generation & e-commerce sales growth.

The solutions to Customer problems:


They help business owners grow, by increasing their sales.


Many business owners are excellent at their core business. They are passionate about their business and are highly skilled in their domain. The team focuses its skills on paid media performance marketing. They focus on Google Ads & Social Media Ads (FB & Insta).

Unique Value Proposition:

Unlike other marketing agencies, they do not offer any long-term contracts. Even without that, they have a high client retention ratio of above 95%. This is because they strongly believe their clients should grow their sales first and then there is no need for any sort of contracts. This helps business owners take the leap of faith as they only need to experiment with the newfound “ online media”. Once the business owners get the right leads to talk to, they are usually happy and continue with them for the long term.

Target Market:

Any business owner who is selling services/products offline or online. The business should not be prohibited goods or services, which they cannot advertise for.

Company’s Internal Objectives related to innovation, customer service, and operational excellence:

  • Invest a certain amount in innovation,

  • Improve or focus research and development,

  • Investing in Great customer service,

  • Improve customer retention,

  • Streamline core business processes

A customer’s review:

  • Reliable products/services,

  • Best Service

Benefits to Employees:

  • Positive Work Environment

  • Effective Communication

  • A Fair Salary

  • Job Security

  • Freedom in the Workplace

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Offer Training and Development

  • Growth Career Opportunities

Community / Society Service:

They bridge the gap between local business owners and advanced computer-aided marketing. Most business owners, even though they have great services & products are still not getting the right visibility. Business owners who believe that their services are of great value to their customers can be sure that with Sales Magnitude, they will definitely get great results.



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