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Sakshi Tulsian - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2023

Name: Sakshi Tulsian

Business Name: Posist Technologies

Location: New Delhi, India

Establishment (Year): 2012

Category/Industry: Information Technology

Profession/ Specialty: Restaurant Technology Platform

Social Media: LinkedIn

Company Detail:

Posist (a part of Restroworks) offers a cloud-based solution that helps restaurant operators to grow at scale, improve bottom-line efficiency and deliver a consistent guest experience. The platform integrates Front-of-House, Back-of-House, Integrations, Analytics, and CRM to enhance restaurant efficiency and guest experience.

Despite being a bootstrapped technology company, Posist has experienced substantial growth since its establishment in 2012. The company has been recognized by G2, a global software rating platform, and has received Great Place to Work certification. Posist operates in over 50 countries, powering 14,000+ restaurants, including well-known chains such as Taco Bell, Subway, and Jamie's Italian. Sakshi Tulsian, Co-founder and CRO leads the sales, partnerships, and global alliances department and is committed to making Posist the largest global restaurant technology platform.

Unique Selling Proposition / Competitive Advantage:

Posist offers a subscription-based software solution that enhances the efficiency of restaurants, enabling owners to focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences without worrying about complex on-premises systems. Their user-friendly software is designed for non-technical users, providing data-driven insights to boost profits. Additionally, Posist offers a rich integration platform with over 150 third-party integrations globally. The company invests in providing round-the-clock support to customers via call and email, positioning themselves as a reliable partner in the industry.

Advice For Women Entrepreneurs:

Grab opportunities, show up, Hit hard. The ceiling is only made of glass, it breaks.



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