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Rita Chaudhury- Director of ELATE Revenue Cycle Management Services Pvt Ltd

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling us a little bit about ELATE Revenue Cycle Management Services Pvt. Ltd?

Rita Chaudhury: ELATE Revenue Cycle Management Services Pvt Ltd (OPC) is HIPAA and ISO 9001:2015 Compliant. ELATE is one of the leading service providers to USA Healthcare Industry. We provide the services to the Physicians, Hospitals, Laboratories, Managed care providers and Billing companies in United States of America.

Great Companies: Where are your clients based? And what kind of services does ELATE Revenue Cycle Management Services Pvt. Ltd to them?

Rita Chaudhury: We work with the Hospitals of various states across USA.


We work for the Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Cardiac and Multispecialty Providers etc.

We Provide End-to-end Services to our client, i.e.

  • Insurance Eligibility Verification.

  • Medical Coding and Auditing.

  • ICD10 Documentation Deficiency Training.

  • Change Request, Charge Entry, Payment Posting, Denial Handling, Appeal submission, Insurance Follow-up, and Inbound call.

We provide the backlog (Coding/Auditing/AR/Posting) clearance support.

We do the Down coding Analysis and onsite documentation deficiency training to the Providers and PAs (Onsite on Request by the Providers).

We provide ICD10 Clinical documentation Improvement training (Onsite on Request by the Providers).

Our company provides solutions that improve the revenue cycle metrics of our clients. With a dedicated team of professionals we always offer a short turnaround time in completing the task. Our Medical coding services help our clients to experience an increase in revenue and a reduction in denied claims. We are also the Approved Education Provider of “American Academy of Professional Coders” (AAPC), the Global Training and credentialing Institute with more than 190,000 members worldwide. These members work in the space of Medical Coding and billing, Clinical documentation improvement, healthcare compliance, revenue cycle management and practice management. Our training is gold standard and our USP is to provide Externship opportunity to our trainees during training, which helps the trainees to get real life coding experience. This live coding training creates qualified medical coding professionals for the Multinational Organizations for Job in India and Abroad. ELATE also offers Scholarships to the talented students.

Our Key services are Medical Coding, Payment Posting and Account Receivable, Reporting and Analysis. All the Medical coders in our Organization are AAPC Certified and Experienced. The Medical Documentation analysis during coding is the key that helps our clients, Doctors to be compliant as per the American Healthcare compliance requirement. Our Quality Analysis team works really very hard on up/down coding analysis, MR documentation analysis, so that the reimbursement receivable of our Doctors becomes high with accuracy. Our payment posting service is to put the payments that are received from Insurance, into the system. Our fast service and actions helps our clients to know their remittance received for the month in advance. We are expert in patient visit scheduling, which is our complementary service to our clients. Our Denial Management and Accounts Receivable Services are efficient in analyzing the denial codes and how to take the decision faster for re-appeal. We do the eligibility verification of the patients during the treatment. Our other services are credentialing, appeal and re-appealing for the denied claims, and managing the aged claims etc.

Great Companies: With the onset of Global Pandemic COVID-19, US has been struggling to their heads above water with lack of test kits and increasing number of patients per day. How has been the business during these days?

Rita Chaudhury: Most of the hospitals are treating COVID-19 patients these days. This is very sad and concerned global issue. The hospitals we are working are treating the COVID-19 patients only at this time. The patients with general ailments are not visiting the hospitals or clinics unless it’s really very emergent situation. We are standing tall behind the Doctors, Physician’s Assistances, Nurses, Administrators and all other staffs in those hospitals, during this difficult time we are available 24X7 for any type of back up supports.

Great Companies: What do you think makes ELATE Revenue Cycle Management Services Pvt. Ltd unique?

Rita Chaudhury:

  • Our Services are Coding, Accurate Billing, Rigorous follow-up & Analysis of payments & denial trends, results in clean claim payment & Reduced AR days.

  • We are ISO 9001:2015 and HIPAA Compliant Organization, as required by the USA Healthcare Standard.

  • Through standardization & use of Virtual Private Network (VPN), ELATE leverages encryption techniques to secure its private network and ensure access only to authorized users.

  • Knowledge Domain, our total team members experience is 18+years.

  • Strong Denial Review and Management.

  • Insurance and Patient follow-up.

  • Appeal of all denied /unpaid claims.

  • Return email processing Daily / Monthly.

  • Fee Schedule review and analysis.

  • Medical billing in respective field of charge posting, Billing & Account Receivables that helps in identifying the issues & resolving them at initial level.

  • Flexible enough to provide end-to-end billing solution as per Client’s need.

  • Less error in Coding, less paper work and less stress.

  • We handle all the details for our clients, leaving them more time to focus on patient care and practice.

Great Companies: Can you tell us about your future endeavours? How does look ELATE Revenue Cycle Management Services Pvt. Ltd to you 5 years down the line?

Rita Chaudhury: We strongly believe in trust in client relationship. We are very optimistic in maintaining this relationship with our existing clients and any new upcoming client relationship. Our quality of work and expertise always keeps our client happy and relaxed, because we are following all the required compliance of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of US Govt. ELATE is very much optimistic to extend its work with Indian Healthcare system also. In upcoming years, India is following and implementing all those compliances followed in western country healthcare system designed by WHO. ELATE is always ready to share its knowledge and expertise whenever possible in Indian Healthcare Industry. Medical coding Job is very essential service as professional in India and Abroad. ELATE is continuously working on educating and developing skilled professionals and creating job for the young generations. Implementation of ICD10 Codes is already mandatory by Joint Commission International accredited hospitals in India. JCI accreditation evaluates more than 1000 elements related to the patient safety and quality of treatment, provided in a health care organization. While the Doctors and other Medical Fraternity are busy in patient care, there must be someone who will take care of the other things to make them compliant; ELATE would like to be the part of Indian Healthcare system.



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