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Ridhima Arora, Founder at Namhya Foods

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Ridhima Arora: My keen interest in nutrition and right kind of food started during my weight loss journey when I lost almost 30 kgs in 2 years in 2014 (86kgs-56kgs) in the effort to become fit. But a lot changed when the problem of wrong foods affected my personal life through a serious disease that made me find my way #BacktotheRoots, the natural way of living and the diet It was only when we were running across hospitals for a genuine treatment that I realized that there was a major gap in understanding nutrition even among-st dietitians and there was hardly any education given about right foods and diet which could do wonders to a patient and enable them to get rid of their diseases completely In-fact the health food(fad) industry has made the situation even worse. The healthy oats biscuit is hardly any oats. The dangers of sugar free “everything” are hardly known. The browns of that bread is actually a fad. We hardly know all of this unless we dig deep into it

Between all these progresses I decided to quit my Marketing job and start Namhya.

Great Companies: What are the various products and services provided by Namhya Foods

Ridhima Arora: What we offer?. No preservatives. Local ingredients. Based in Ayurveda. Made with a lot of research and love. A quick look at our products

Kashmiri kahwa

With pure saffron, cardamom, Green tea kahwa, star anise and other kashmiri spices


Natural Detoxifier

Metabolism booster

Fat burner

Anti diabetic

Cold and cough reliever

Instant breakfast cereal with natural protein

Contains goodness of Ragi, coconut, oats, rice flakes , almonds and raisins


Instant breakfast

Right balance of carbs, protein and fat

No preservatives

Quick and easy fix to small meals

Heart tea


Increases oxygen to heart naturally

Regulates blood flow in body

The natural remedy for a healthy heart

Fat burner

PCOS Tea for women

With the right blend of Asoka, Shatavari, Lodhra, Ashwagandha,Saffron, Garcinia Cambogia and other Ayurvedic herbs ,this tea has the right ingredients to nourish the harmones and create an effective functioning of them

Asoka for Regular Period flow.

Shatavari for regulating Estrogen (Female harmones) naturally.

Ashwagandha for immunity.

Lodhra for Harmonal Balance.

Garcinia Cambogia for weight Management.

Saffron for preventing muscle cramps and period inflammation.

Liver cleanse tea

With the right blend of Harad(Terminilia Chebula), Milk Thistle, Manjishtha, Pippali and other Ayurvedic herbs ,this tea has the right ingredients to nourish the liver and create an effective functioning of it.

Diabetic care tea

With the right blend of Paneer Dodi, Bitter Melon, Guduchi, Haritaki, Senna leaves and other Ayurvedic herbs, this tea helps to balance the blood sugar levels, strengthen immunity, support healthy glucose levels, improve insulin regulation, assists in digestive issues , enhance liver functions and reduce inflammation.

Thyroid care tea

With the right blend of Shankhapushpi, Gotukola, Liquorice and other Ayurvedic herbs ,this tea has the right ingredients to nourish the hormones and create an effective functioning of them Gotukola for balancing thyroid hormone levels, boosts brain power, heal skin issues and promote kidney and liver health. Shankhapushpi helps balance thyroid hormone levels by inhibiting a group of enzymes that help convert T4 into T3.

Liquorice- Kills EBV cells in the thyroid and aids adrenal glands, anti inflammatory in nature. Ashwagandha- reduces blood sugar levels, stress and anxiety, anti cancer properties, boosts fertility and reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol and improves brain function

Ayurvedic tea

Contains Ashwagandha, brahmi and other ayurvedic herbs

Very good for digestion and immunity

Immunity booster latte

Contains goodness of turmeric, ashwagandha, Moringa


Boosts Immunity

Strengthen the muscles

Relieves cold and cough

Good for skin glow

Apart from this we also offer our customers nutrition Coaching program so that they can follow a healthy diet plan themselves

Great Companies: What makes Namhya Foods different from hundreds of other packed food firms?

Ridhima Arora:

In this world of pesticides, insecticides and fad foods, we are trying to rebuild the natural way of eating with goodness of indian herbs and natural ingredients. They maybe superfoods of today but your grand mas and grand dads grew up with those foods and regimes. Namhya is an effort to bring back the golden heritage of long forgotten basic indian foods that blend with your today’s lifestyle!

Every product swears to naturally heal the body with an ailment with completely natural and ayurvedic means

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Ridhima Arora: Since our business involved setting up of a manufacturing unit, it was infrastructure heavy and hence the upfront cost. Cash flows have been a challenge since the customer base takes time

So maintaining cash flows for the first 3 years will be a challenge .We have consciously kept the prices very genuine considering our initial objective of wider accessibility to the customer. Also when the genuine brands are less in the market considering the limitations of our food regulations, brands like ours have to sacrifice on the gross margins for quality ingredients

FMCG as a category is a low involvement purchase and health foods is still relatively new as a market. Category sensitization with limited resources in terms of cash flows and distribution is definitely a challenge, especially when you are genuinely trying to put the best quality ingredients in the pack and don’t have monies for hefty marketing (Our major spends still go into product and ensuring quality ingredients)

In a foods business like ours, keeping manufacturing in- house is also a major decision since the fixed cost goes relatively high, right at the beginning when the cash flows aren’t enough. But this is critical as it is all about the ingredients and creating quality and consistency at the same time

So creating a customer base initially that can pour regularly to your cash flows is essential. In fact understanding the nuances of the raw material is critical too since the market is full of adulteration so the first hand knowledge about picking the right kind of ingredients is essential (Like in our business pure saffron is a rarity and takes some expertise for identification)

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Namhya Foods?

Ridhima Arora: In terms of Distribution, We are already At around 18-20 platforms now in India. Our own eCommerce platform is already in place and it is the one stop shop for the products as well as the nutritional coaching program. In fact we plan to use it as the category awareness platform with our regular blogs and videos about Ayurveda.

Revenue Target: We aim to clock sales of 3 crore in the next one year. 5 years is surely a long time to say anything considering how dynamics of how we live our lives is changing especially post covid times

Brand Aim: As a brand, we intend to get Ayurveda back in fashion, not just in India but internationally. With #BackToRoots as the brand core, we aim to create a space for ourselves in preventive health care segment

I think brand like ours will be more relevant in the post covid-19 era when health care will be taken seriously, both by the consumers and the government



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