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Richard Wright - Director/Founder of Pinnacle Solutions International

Great Companies: Please tell me something about the business and how did you come up with such an idea?

Richard Wright I looked at the construction industry in Perth and felt there was an opportunity in the market for a company that approached clients differently, with honest advice and quality workmanship that represented value and piece of mind.

Great Companies: What are the various services and products provided by your company?

Richard Wright We provide a range of landscape construction services from design and engineering through to construction of retaining walls, installation of paving, fencing, water reticulation systems, artificial turf and real turf and plants.

Great Companies: Why should one choose you over others in this field?

Richard Wright Pinnacle Landscaping provides clients with a point of difference in how we engage with our clients. Its important for us to know the 'why' for the work a client is seeking to have completed. Once we understand that, we are better enabled to provide guidance in how we can achieve the desired result that they imagine.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Richard Wright While up-scaling I found myself wearing too many hats. This was in part due to me not wanting to relinquish control of what was happening in the business and trusting my employees and contractors to complete there roles without being micro managed.

Great Companies: What do you think are the few main things which are most important for a successful business?

Richard Wright  Integrity, ethics, hard work and surrounding yourself with good people.

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