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Rashi Pacheriwala- Founder of Dulhan Diaries

Great Companies: Please tell me something about the business and how did you come up with such an idea?

Rashi Pacheriwala: In 2018, dulhan diaries was started to deliver personalised gifting solutions for brides and their loved ones. While we made some ground breaking products, personalisation is at the very heart of our brand. In today’s day, gifting has evolved from just a token to remember. The need of the hour is to produce meaningful gifts with little personalisation touches that make the big difference.

Great Companies: What are the various services and products provided by your company?

Rashi Pacheriwala: We started with 1 planner, and we now have completely personalisable offerings across various gifting categories including - travel, fashion, utility, event collaterals, gift hampers, corporate gifts, party favours, etc.

Great Companies: Why should one choose you over others in this field?

Rashi Pacheriwala: Dulhan Diaries has grown on relying heavily on three of its core values which we like to call the 3D-effect. 1. Design:Our products are designed meticulously to ensure unique customisation for each one of our customers. 2.Direct: We have a unichannel distribution which cuts additional costs giving speedy delivery of high qualityproducts at the best prices 3. Delight: Right from the first conversation till the post delivery follow up, customer delight is of utmost importance to us.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Rashi Pacheriwala: We have often faced issues of plagiarism. And my go to mantra for that is that imitation is the best form of flattery.

Great Companies: What do you think are the few main things which are most important for a successful business?

Rashi Pacheriwala: Creative thinking and Aesthetic designs lie in at the very heart of Dulhan Diaries, coming up with solutions for clients’ needs and ensuring they match the aesthetic standards is very important. However, without the right marketing today, no brand or business can survive. Social media marketing is the fuel to that keeps my business running and hence in today’s digital age, to excel in a B2C line, knowledge of social media marketing is imperative. 



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