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Ramya K A Setty, Founder at Just A Thought

Great Companies – How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Ramya K. A Setty – When I was working with other companies, I always felt that I could do more in Marketing and in the world of Online Marketing. There was so much more to explore, scope to grow, expand, to learn more, to share more with people and businesses.

My experience and expertise led my belief that I could provide more services, knowledge and consultation to my clients, intensifying my need to explore out on my own. This made it nearly impossible to be tied down to a company and that right there is the story of the beginning of Just A Thought!

It started with an aim to making the digital platform available for every business and JAT does provide digital services to small, medium & large companies, to individuals, solo-preneurs and to entrepreneurs!

Great Companies – What are the various Services provided by Just A Thought?

Ramya K. A Setty – I started JAT in 2015 with the company focusing on content marketing, building brands through a strong online presence.

Now, JAT specializes in allied works as well– design and creation, consultation, blogging, social media marketing, email marketing, digital marketing, campaigns, app development, branding and more. This has helped me in increasing virality and helping retain and gain more customers / clients.

Great Companies – What makes Just A Thought different from hundreds of other Content Marketing firms?

Ramya K. A Setty – I always believed that each individual, every business, has a right to have a digital presence. This has been a strong belief that led me to ideate JAT, a way to ensure there is reach the easy way. I strongly believe that we are ‘storytellers’ at the end of the day and this pushes my team and me, to encompass nuances which other companies may hesitate to venture into.

Like, when we work with prospects and clients, we naturally tend to get involved with them not just as their online marketing partners but as their strategic partners too. This gives an edge, a leverage, to both of us to deliver the best. So for me, it is this relationship that sets us apart from the others.

We connect, hear their story, connect more through our expertise in the field and tell that story to the world in the way that it needs to be told.

If I may add, we do not believe in pre-determined packages for our services. Simply because one formula worked for one company does not mean it works for everyone. And we do not compel our clients to do our bidding just because we are experts. There is an interaction and then arriving at a plan that can work for both. Customization is KEY in our working as it helps us deliver exactly what the client requires.

Great Companies – What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Ramya K. A Setty – It has been over 5 years now, since I started JAT. Each day is new – bringing with it a variety of learning. Tough clients, sometimes a tough job, out-of-the-ordinary client/work/job, so on.. It would be easy for me to say that each day is a challenge considering the kind of business I am into, especially since it is ‘service-oriented’. But, I simply do not see it that way. I love to learn and hence even if it were a difficult situation, I would consider it as another lesson, a feather in the cap for doing it without giving up.

JAT was willingly started and born out of passion. Hence, when I do a ‘job’ I do not see it as work, it is simply an extension of my passion to do something. I am thankful for a dedicated team-both in Chennai and Bangalore, that extends my belief. They really help me through any tough time in business and also lend me their expert advice!

As a person and an entrepreneur, I believe each problem naturally comes with a solution and we just need to open our perspective to resolve issues. This is a speciality that has led me to learn, grow and simplify a lot of things both for myself and my team. We see each new client as our first client, each new project as a challenge in a positive way and a pathway to learn, expand and give our 100%.

Great Companies – How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Just A Thought?

Ramya K. A Setty – My dream has always been to make an empire out of Just A Thought – something that will encompass the entirety of the digital world. It may be necessary to put down a plan but for me, right now the plan is to put down smaller and short-term goals that add or rather become part of the big picture. I believe in the qualitative work we provide and this has already put JAT as one of the best in the industry. This for me definitely is one of the pathway to JAT’s glory or rather empire that can happen in a year or 5 or ten!

In the coming years, I can only hope that this quality of work and increased expertise in all forms of online-digital marketing, will help me climb those rungs on the ladder of success, helping me expand along the way and realise my dream empire! I have a close-knit team without whom I could not have come this far, and I am positive that this will continue to the future as well.

Great Companies - If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Ramya K. A Setty – Well, let me see if I can stop at one advice!! 

It is exciting and rather ‘trendy’ now, to get into entrepreneurship, to introduce oneself as an entrepreneur, to get that inspiration from within to do something that you love and want to do… The journey is anything but easy though... I want to say, BE READY –

  • To be okay not seeing big bucks (or any bucks at all) during the initial few months (or years)

  • To not get frustrated thinking that you quit your double paying job

  • To not get any or get just a bare few contracts/clients in the first few months

  • To make drastic changes to your original business plans during the process

  • To not compare your company/expertise/experience to others in the industry

  • TO LEARN – from the experiences, the mistakes, from your clients/team other experts…

  • To shed tears or lose sleep... to get lost and be found again… to seek and get help (if needed)

Yes, I know it is a huge list, surely some of them one has already picked up somewhere in those ‘self-help’ entrepreneurial books. But what I have said is my experience of 5 years. It is ok to dream and get-set-go on that dream, but know that, it is a wonderful ‘learning’ journey to up there. Never forget that what you did not know yesterday, you may be a master of it tomorrow.

Entrepreneurship is a journey of discovering oneself. It lets you grow, shed the unwanted ego (in most cases), learn a TON and end up being wiser than ever before! This is a special journey to your success, the one that gives you the best sleep in the nights and the best foot forward each morning!

To all of you who want to start, All the very Best! If you want it, you will make it, no matter what it takes and no matter how the journey is – you will love it!



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