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Rajani Nandakumar of Antar Counselling

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling a little about your service?

Rajani Nandakumar: · I am a Relationship and Counseling Psychologist. I also handle adolescent and geriatric cases.

· I am trained in Pre-marital; Marital; Fertility Management; Adoption and Parenting areas.

· I have certificates in several therapeutic models.

· I handle individual, group and employee counseling.

· I hold workshops in organizations on topics like How to handle Anxiety; Anger/Stress Management; Healthy Relationship; Effective Communication; Personal Effectiveness; Mentoring; Work-Life Balance;

I am a Certified Professional Supervisor from Australian Counseling Association

· I have worked in

· Datri Blood Stem Cell Donor’s Registry

· Academy of Maritime Education and Training (AMET) University.

· I run two clinics where I take private clients.

· I offer counseling over phone, email, Skype, and Zoom

· I am a regular external faculty at MOP Vaishnav College for Women, Nungumbakkam, Chennai, on the topic of Personal Effectiveness for their student.

Great Companies: How are you able to cater to the needs of all your clients in a unique way?

Rajani Nandakumar: I offer a space for clients to share their distress where they are not judged. They feel safe to confide because I offer confidentiality.

Being a mental health professional, I am trained in active listening and I develop rapport with them quite early. This makes them comfortable.

I also offer counseling in Hindi, English, Tamil and Malayalam.

Great Companies: How do you manage to patiently listen and solve the problems of your clients?

Rajani Nandakumar: I am trained in active listening. I am trained not to judge or assume things. Eliciting answers naturally makes the whole process easy.

I do not solve any problems. I empower the clients to understand the root cause of their issue, and this helps them to arrive at their own solutions. Helping them gain insight is the first step.

Next, what changes are required to bring about a difference is discussed. However, the client decides to work on the changes or not. The consequence of not changing is discussed so that the client is aware and takes an informed decision.

It is ultimately the client’s life; to change or not is a decision he/she has to take. The client is encouraged to understand the improvement in quality of life with relevant changes.

Counseling is a process, so several sessions are required to handle issues of a client.

Great Companies: How do you manage to make your clients feel at ease and comfortable with the environment?

Rajani Nandakumar: This is the first step in counseling. Rapport building. Also being kind and compassionate, it gets through to the client that I am willing to listen and not judge. The issue is important; the issue needs sorting, not the client.

Generally people manage as best as they can. However, with counseling, they can manage better.

Speaking in their language, makes them feel comfortable. I also ensure to use metaphors, stories and at least once make them smile. However difficult the problem is.

When they smile, it is like a burden has been lifted. They open up and talk. I offer tissues if they tear up. Assurance of complete confidentiality reassures them. I offer unconditional positive regard.

Great Companies: Why should people choose you ?

Rajani Nandakumar: I have over 12 years of experience in the field of counseling. I am a member in a few mental health NGOs. I have handled posts on voluntary basis in these organizations.

My fees are reasonable. My reputation goes before me. Many clients refer their friends and family to me.

I know 4 languages.

I work in a hospital, part time. I work for a corporate doing employee counseling. I have travelled and I am open to learning. I learn from my clients too.

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