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Puneet Agrawal of Manjushree Innovations Pvt Ltd

Great Companies: What are the various services and products that you provide?

Puneet Agrawal: We are into diverse range of flexible packaging products and services. These consists of laminated rolls and pouches of food and non food items like atta, salt, spices, tea, snacks, & confectionery, edible oil, dairy products are few of them. We also produce monolayer and multi-layer poly films for oil, milk, shrink film and eco friendly 100% biodegradable carry bags / garbage Bags. along with that, we also trade and provide service for flexible packaging related accessories and equipment.

Great Companies: How do you ensure the efficiency of your work?

Puneet Agrawal: We set organizational, operational Goals and objectives. Machine Capacity, Yield, Bottlenecks are closely checked and then efficiency targets are set. Production Planning is centrally driven. Daily basis Planning Vs Execution is monitored. We have a robust ERP system in place, which is connected across entire product manufacturing chain i.e. from RM Planning till Dispatch, which are integrated and connected with another. Process data generated during manufacturing process are entered online in ERP to avoid any future changes. Daily morning meeting is conducted to ensure that any concern is escalated and resolved.

Great Companies: Why do your customers select you over your competitors?

Puneet Agrawal: Definitely because of some USP which we have. Our tagline is to “To Grow with Our Customer”. We feel ownership in serving our product to our customer, be it a MNC client or may be a small local product manufacturer. We believe in “Cost Leadership” integrated with “Differentiation”. We help our customer, by suggesting better product and solutions which enable increase in yield, optimum packaging cost and unique designs. We believe an optimized Quality which meets customer’s implicit and explicit expectations.

Great Companies: What are the major issues faced while running this business?

Puneet Agrawal: Market Disruption” now a days becomes major challenge in flexible packaging industry. This has been quite common for upcoming industry / small industry. Market needs not drive solely based on “Cost Differentiation” rather a holistic approach should be taken while deciding the price and value of a product. A systematic and international certified organization on Global Food hygiene practices likes us may have some additional overhead, we call it as investment, which sometime lead to marginal costing difference from other players.

Great Companies: How do you come up with new ideas and trends?

Puneet Agrawal: We keeps on attending seminar, exhibitions and keep ourselves with the latest information of packaging industry. We believe knowledge is the key to explore new ideas. We brainstorm among team, adapt micro level process and product understanding and see where betterment can be done. We constantly keeps in touch with supplier, customers and concerned stakeholders to get the best possible adaptation that can be done in process and product.



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