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Priyesh Bharat Koya of Knotty Canvas

Great Companies: Please provide a little description of  Knotty canvas? Priyesh Bharat Koya :  Knotty Canvas, established in the year 2016, offers all kinds of video filming and photography service across the globe. Our goal is to capture the pure essence of every moment and encapsulate them into timeless memories.  Our company is based in Mumbai, India and have clients across the country.  Great Companies: What are the services Knotty canvas provide to its customers? Priyesh Bharat Koya: We provide all kinds of video filming and photography services for all kinds of events. Apart from that we also do product photography, maternity shoots, pre-wedding ceremony shoots, modelling portfolio and much more.

Great Companies: How do you manage your customers? Priyesh Bharat Koya: Our first principle is to listen to the customers and have a detailed understanding of their needs and expectations. Based on that we try to have open discussions and formulate a clear timeline and make sure that there is absolute transparency between us.

Great Companies: What is the main objective of Knotty canvas? Priyesh Bharat Koya: Our main objective is to make sure we capture all the beautiful moments artistically while providing our customers with the best experience.  Be it any kind of event we would make sure that our work stands out from the crowd and deliver more than what our customers expect. Great Companies: What makes Knotty canvas different from others? Priyesh Bharat Koya: We are the 4th generation of our family in this line of business so we have photographers with loads of experience. Along with them, the new generation of people brings out a lot of creativity on the table. So it's like having the best of both worlds.  With the experience and the latest technologies, we try to be as innovative as possible.  A lot of companies out there are more or less interested in just building their brands, but for me, our customer service is of paramount importance. We treat them like family and make sure that all their events are hassle-free.  I personally make sure that they are content with the services that my company is providing because at the end of the day happy customer happy us!

1 comment

1 Comment

Bhardwaj Gandhi
Bhardwaj Gandhi
Mar 03


We hired their services for our wedding on 25th of December 2023, today its 3rd of march and still they are unresponsive of picking up our calls. The deliverables are not met, the communication is poor, I am scared of what will happen to my photos but I feel responsible to write this review so that no other couple go through such experience - My email is , you can always verify this review !!

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