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Praveen Agarwal- MD of Meraqee Private Limited

GREAT COMPANIES: Can you commence by telling a little about your start –up?

PRAVEEN AGARWAL: I will always quote Meraqee as a Start-Up to a 2 decade old trading company. We started Meraqee on 4th August 2018.

Where work means more than just a job, and life means more than just Living. We invite you into the world of Mēraqee, which tries to bridge the gap between Life & Living.

Mēraqee - Give Life to Living

About Mēraqee:

Mēraqee is a blend of life, work, passion, stories and so much more!! Our brand name Mēraqee is inspired by a Greek word ‘Meraki’ which is often used to describe doing something with soul, creativity or love – putting something of oneself in what is done.

Under Brand Mēraqee, we have 3 verticals. The Major & Most Important Vertical is Business with Mēraqee. The other two verticals are Stories By Mēraqee & Travel With Mēraqee.

At Mēraqee, it’s about living with passion and following the higher tastes w.r.t. design, class, Learning & Inspiring.

Business With Mēraqee looks at transforming spaces and redefining Interior Designing capabilities, giving Architects, Designers, and Customers the freedom of choice and world-class products to LIVE THEIR DREAMS!!

At Mēraqee’s 5000 sq. ft showroom, we house a breathtaking range of Exotic and Natural Veneers, Laminates, Decorative products, Plywoods, Logs, and many other interesting interior-related products.

GREAT COMPANIES: What is your team’s greatest accomplishment with the company?

PRAVEEN AGARWAL: Our greatest accomplishments as a team is to inspire the clients & Architects for the kind of studio, we have created for our trading company under Business with Mēraqee. The studio is a delight & an inspiration to many. We have used our own products what we sell to the interiors of the studio. This has been highly appreciated at the architects’ level. We have bagged awards for the studio interiors.

GREAT COMPANIES: How do you manage your clients?

PRAVEEN AGARWAL: We really do not manage our clients. We participate in their life by doing exactly how we want to get treated. We are honest, clear in our communication. We work with highest form of integrity & have a human touch to our business. Hence, the connect is faster & deeper.

GREAT COMPANIES: What is the purpose of your company?

PRAVEEN AGARWAL: As I mentioned earlier, where work means more than just a job, and life means more than just Living. At Mēraqee we try to bridge the gap between Life & Living. We churn the ingredients of life into living. Hence, all the three verticals have a human angle. We truly wants to Give Life To Living..

GREAT COMPANIES: What do you see your company in five years?

PRAVEEN AGARWAL: We see our brand Meraqee as the top most brands which inspires living. Our work will not be limited to trading but will truly become a voice for Living Life !



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