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Prakash- Co Founder of Genesis Architecture Bangalore

Great Companies: Can you tell us a little about yourself, your company’s mission and vision? 

Prakash Selvaraj:  I am the Co founder of Genesis Architecture Bangalore. We do Commercial and Residential Architecture, Interiors and Landscape projects. We have done projects across South India and at more than 25 Cities we have completed projects. Collectively we have planted 18,000 trees in our projects.

Our Mission is to do more Climate friendly projects and to Plant 2,00,000 Trees by 2025

OUR VISION is to empower young designers to do energy efficient buildings and to kindle the thought of Nature friendly design.

Great Companies:  How do you provide such quality services to your clients? Is it because of your team or your methods?

Prakash Selvaraj: Both Team and Method is important to deliver GOOD WORK

Great Companies:  How are you able to cater to the needs of all your clients in a unique way?

Prakash Selvaraj:  Focused approach for each of the projects we handle gives us the much needed quality to understand needs of Client and offer what the project needs.

Great Companies:  Why should the customers choose you ?

Prakash Selvaraj:  The Customers generally choose us for the Value add we bring to any project. We get deep into the design process to understand the very core of design and Built space. The spectrum of Design : Architecture, Interiors and Landscape all at one go is our offer to the Customers. Hence it becomes easy for them to choose us.

Great Companies:  What do you plan to achieve 5 years down the line?

Prakash Selvaraj:   5 Years from now we are targeting to have handled, 100 projects which are Climate friendly and planted 2,00,000 Trees. That's our Contribution back to the Society.



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