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Pankit Desai, CoFounder at Sequretek

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Every technology-driven industry goes through the phase of novelty and complexity, followed by a period of simplification and commoditization. However, with regards to the security industry, it appears to be heading in a different tangent - with new technological areas, products, and players emerging each year, further complicating the market.

This leads to the industry getting divided into the world of haves and have nots - where the Top 10% of the customers have all the resources while the remaining struggle to understand the basics of what, why, and how of technology.

Sequretek was born in 2013 to bridge this gap, with a mission to “empower our customer’s growth without fear as their trusted security partner by simplifying security”. We work towards removing the fear of security threats attached to digital transformation and making security simple and affordable for them, both being extremely vital for our customer’s growth.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by Sequretek

At Sequretek, our approach is three-pronged- leading with our technology i.e. device security, user behavior and enterprise security visibility. Our products and services help our customers deal with any potential cyberattack in real-time.

With WFH and data centers moving to the cloud, the traditional perimeter defense concepts are becoming irrelevant. It is the user access and devices interacting with the company that need to be defended. In a traditional setup, a company will have to purchase over 8-12 individual security technologies in order to moderately secure their environments. However, most customers do not have the financial bandwidth and understanding to procure the right offerings.

Sequretek products offer cutting-edge technology solutions (with inbuilt AI) for next-generation threats. The combination of Percept EDR (Endpoint Detection, Protection and Response) and Percept IGA (Identity, Governance and Administration) along with Percept XDR (Managed Detection & Response) gives enterprises a consolidated view of their security with supreme ability to detect, manage and respond to next-generation threats.

Our range of products include -

Percept IGA: Percept IGA is the cloud-native offering for identity & access management of users. Percept IGA reduces access risks & ensures compliance to your regulatory requirements. It provides an easy-to-use, scalable and federated identity-based solution to meet end-to-end access governance and administration needs for organizations. It is used for defining access as per various parameters of employees, their managerial seniority, job profile location-based access etc. The primary challenge it addresses is ensuring that for every individual (employee /contractor) that exists in the company, access to any technology privilege such as applications, shared folders, printers, network, the internet is commensurate with the role, and any change in the role which should have an impact on the privilege would be addressed immediately.

Percept EDR: Percept EDR is an intelligent, easy-to-manage, simple-to-deploy product that works efficiently in heterogeneous environments. Percept EDR uses AI-ML and endpoint detection and response (EDR) telemetry analytics for enhanced detection capabilities. It is one of the very few products that features on-agent AI ensuring that devices stay protected even in an offline mode. It provides a real-time defense against zero-day threats, advanced persistent threats, ransomware attacks, and any other malicious activities.

Beyond advanced threat protection, Percept EDR also integrates components such as device control, application whitelisting, and vulnerability management into a single product with a single dashboard view over your endpoint security.

Percept XDR: Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is becoming the need of the hour for companies across the globe. The ever-increasing threats in the form of corporate espionage, state-sponsored cyberattack or hackers trying to steal info to sell in the black market, has given reason to many companies to come up with a security strategy where a threat can be identified before it causes damage and monitoring should be near real-time. Percept XDR ensures end-to-end security, threat detection and response while allowing enterprises to focus on their core business growth without the fear of compromise. Percept XDR helps to protect against phishing, ransomware, malware, vulnerability exploits, insider threats, web attacks and many more advanced attacks. Percept XDR has an ability to ingest data from various sources, uses AI and Big Data to detect threats. It’s ability to ingest sensor telemetry, logs, and global threat intelligence feeds allows the AI detection engine to identify new use cases and anomalies, thereby detecting new and unknown threats.

We believe that the market we are addressing is currently underserved and our approach of offering simplicity, ownership of outcomes and affordable subscription-based services makes us uniquely positioned to be a preferred choice for our customers.

Great Companies: What makes Sequretek different from hundreds of other Cybersecurity firms?

Cybersecurity is a highly competitive industry with many companies providing a range of services focused on addressing limited cybersecurity issues. In order to stay ahead of the curve in this extremely dynamic and demanding cybersecurity sector, we at Sequretek believe in continually raising the bar.

Due to rapid digitization and WFH, there is a rising need for a full life cycle management of enterprise security that will detect, investigate, protect, respond, heal and prevent possible future cyber-attacks.

Sequretek’s AI- and ML-driven technologies ensure that our customers are armed against all threats, known and unknown; and drive down the cost of ownership. The key ingredient to our approach is enhanced visibility into the enterprise: you cannot secure what you cannot see. Improved visibility on the cloud means precise, actionable intelligence as well as more efficient and proactive management of resources - the best competitive edge businesses require in today’s marketplace.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Building a company from scratch always comes with its own set of challenges. No doubt we also did face certain challenges. Whether in terms of finding a voice for ourselves in the crowded market dominated by biggies, or identifying the right talent who could become part of our product centric journey or raising capital at the right moments to meet our growth aspiration. A common denominator for all of the challenges above is to create trust with the constituents who you are dealing with, the founders bring a certain credibility in the industry that formed the nucleus around which a strategy for addressing each of the challenges was formed, as I mentioned earlier initial customers came through our personal connects and relationship. As far as people are concerned, most of our management team comprises of individuals with whom we have some common connect, this allowed us to ensure that the ethos of founders is widely shared, they in turn ensured that the larger team gets built with the same ethos.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Sequretek?

Much like all commercial organizations our financial aspirations revolve around revenue and growth, but the biggest impact that I believe Sequretek can make is to be true to our vision to “simplify security by consolidating the landscape”. This will make technology more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses while also making the world a better and safer environment for digital interactions by offering cutting-edge technologies.

In the next five years Sequretek wants to:

  • Make world a better and safer place for digital interactions through delivering cutting edge security technologies

  • Employ over 2,000 people. Protecting more than 2M+ endpoints across 1000 enterprises.

  • Revenue in excess on USD 50 Million.

  • The biggest IT security company in India and among top 100 globally

Sequretek will have:

  • Equal opportunity employment environment

  • Well defined governance model that will enable ethical business practices and sound fiscal management

  • High performance culture that fosters innovation, transparency and collaboration among our employees and extended ecosystem

  • Agile business processes to adapt to changing business environment

Technology innovation will be core to Sequretek ethos. All innovations will be with an aim to simplify security for enterprises and consumers, thus creating safe experiences in digital economies.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

There will be failures in your journey as an entrepreneur, but entrepreneurship is more about how quickly you learn from your failures. I too have failed, but I don’t remember any of the failures which did not teach me a lesson. From my point of view, having a co-founder with you, having a person who has spent a considerate amount of his time in that specific industry that you choose to dive in will ease your task as an entrepreneur. There are enough mentors available in industry who have experience and have actually built startups, from whom you could advise help. I too will be happy to guide any of the individuals reading this article.



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