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NXTWEB, Winner of the Great Companies Global Business Award - 2022

Business Name: NXTWEB

Name: Shaun Roberts

Location: Chester, England

Establishment (Year): 2018

Category / Industry: Marketing and Advt

Sub Category / Sub Industry: Digital Marketing

Number of employees: 1-10

Company Detail:

NXTWEB is a full-service digital marketing team made up of talented individuals. Comprising in-house staff, and carefully selected partners, their hands-on team of account managers, marketing consultants, copywriters, designers, programmers, and online marketers work across the digital spectrum.

Their agency is results-focused meaning that they concentrate on producing value for their clients. They make sure their clients are at least earning back what they are paying them for their services, but so far, for every £1000 invested by clients, they have helped earn back up to £9000! They are a small team of 6 that are looking to continue expanding. They all put the success of their clients first with care! They each have their specialism enabling them to broaden the services that they offer, covering SEO, PPC, website design, development and maintenance, and social media management. They have a unique ethos, caring about the quality of their tailored service because they treat clients’ success as their own, and that is why they take their clients’ digital marketing to the #NXTLevel.Shaun is their digital marketing consultant, recognized internationally for increasing search engine rankings, improving visibility, and boosting sales. Proven by making one client 330% ROI.

Hassan designs and creates attractive and innovative websites, capturing each brand's essence to deliver the best outcome for our clients.

Martin is our SEO consultant with a proven track record of increasing the quality of leads.

Pete and Zara design and implement highly optimized PPC strategies that are tailored to our clients to ensure they are attracting more customers to their websites. Our team has a proven track record for delivering exceptional results!

Erin is their social media consultant, placing brands across relevant platforms to amplify their voices through content distribution that drives engagement and website traffic.

The solutions to Customer problems:

Problem- Their main team objective is to ensure they have happy clients and exceed their expectations. They like to listen to their clients carefully to ensure they have identified the right pain points and make sure to not only deliver on what they have asked but go above and beyond to achieve exceptional results. They are here to resolve some of the biggest stresses for businesses by helping to generate more leads, sales, and customers.

One of their clients called Classic Bike Parts Cheshire, which sells high-quality motorcycle parts, had an overinflated PPC campaign with 50 ad groups before they came to them.

Classic Bike Parts wanted to receive more relevant traffic to their website to increase conversions. After doing some research, they found that only 2 out of the 50 were profitable, it was also heavily automated. This was a problem as both issues were seriously impacting profitability for Classic Bike Parts, so they needed to alter the strategy to work and achieve successful results.

Solution- After analyzing the results for Classic Bike Parts, they closed down 48 out of 50 of their advertisements. They understood what a good lead was for the client which defined their expectations from the clients that visited their website. They analyzed the market and refined the 2 adverts based on the client’s preferable lead, competition, and targeting relevant clients that are more likely to generate business.

The adverts needed to be optimized with the right keywords to target people searching for the relevant topics and to increase the traffic to the new website. AdWords pay-per-click helped to increase the awareness of the targeted clientele about the website by advertising when the user searched for terms that were relevant to the company and its products.

In the end, Classic Bike Parts were spending the same amount of money on their campaign as before but getting 9 times more business! By targeting relevant keywords to reach potential clients, they increased Classic Bike Parts' ROI by 800%!

Unique Value Proposition:

Their team works hard to produce results – they tailor the service specifically to each company and their needs which means in the long run, they are more efficient in delivering success. As they are a smaller agency, they feel we listen to what clients are asking and we take the time to regularly check in to make sure they are happy. They don’t talk jargon, they help clients to understand every step in the process and they treat their success as our own.

"I highly recommend NXTWEB, I felt that I was listened to and kept informed during the development process. I've had no issues with the website during or after. The result was great too and I would be happy to work with them again in the future if the opportunity arises." ~ says a happy client.

They believe they can take their clients' businesses to the NXT level!

Target Market:

Their target market is any business that feels they are not getting enough leads, sales, or customers - they resolve some of their biggest stresses businesses by taking the nitty-gritty marketing tasks off their hands.

Their ideal customer will listen to them and take on board their recommendations as well as work alongside them as a team to help them grow. They love to work with businesses that are lost in the digital world or the internet as this is where they have added massive value for brands like Reader’s Digest and soft games. These types of clients tap into a wealth of experience as a team and allow us to come up with a target that can be implemented to benefit their business.

Company’s Internal Objectives related to innovation, customer service, and operational excellence:

Investing on Great customer service

Improve customer retention

A customer’s review:

Best Service

Understands my needs

Benefits to Employees:

Positive Work Environment

Effective Communication

Work-Life Balance

Offer Training and Development

Community / Society Service:

This year, NXTWEB has started working with two charities – Hope House, a children’s hospice based in Chester and Friends of Hastings House, a mental health organisation based in Warwickshire. For Hope House, two of our team members set up a bake sale in June and raised over £145 for the charity! They also did a Skydive on 13th August, raising over £1,000 for Hope House between them!

To help Friends of Hastings House, our social media consultant, Erin is donating a portion of her time each month to set up, optimise and maintain their social media channels in order to help raise awareness. NXTWEB plan to carry on supporting both charities in any way we can.



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