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Niraj Goswami- Director of Innovative Engineers

Great Companies: What are the various services and products provided by your company? Niraj Goswami: We are in to HVAC System where in we design and supply HVAC Systems of Pharmaceutical companies which compiles the standards like USFDA / TGA / UK MCA / MHRA / EM GMP.

Great Companies: How do you ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the goods and services provided? Niraj Goswami: We do have check list SOPs  for designing and execution  and auditors who visit the site and give the report on execution directly to the director ,that how we ensure the accuracy and we will do third party validation who give the printed report on actual conditions and design conditions that how we ensure the efficiency  E.G We execute  one  warehouse project for our customer . The dimensions are 12 L * 9 W * 8 H  . our design is Tem NMT 25 and RH NMT 60 .We kept data logger at every one meter horizontal and every one meter vertical and we have measured  both the parameters at every one hr for 7 days continuously. Customer got the license to manufacture the drugs . In pharma HVAC System VALIDATION ( Efficiency ) play very important role because after propter third party validation only customer will get the for drug manufacturing . We also do the BMS ( Automation ) system for HVAC plant which is 21 CFR PART 11 COMPLY . Once this system is installed the data cannot be manipulated so customer got the assurance about quality , accuracy and efficiency.

Great Companies:  How was the journey so far? Niraj Goswami: The journey so far is very interesting and inspiring ,form 1st single  order, from  1st  first year to 27th repeat order in 7 years . Form Ahmadabad to  Baroda to Surat to valsad to Dehradun ( Uttrakhand ) to Nepal to Tanzania ( East Africa ) The story is form Local to Global  .

Great Companies:  What are the strategies you adopt to stay ahead in the race Niraj Goswami: Our strategies are  our mission statement  - We give  PEACE OF MIND to OUR CUSTOMER and the PEOPLE  who work with us & Our VALUES. Commitment : - Once commitment give at any level in our company we honor the same at any cost  and we do everything to keep that commitment . Speed :-   We have introduce scissor lifts instead of H frame scaffolding which make our work fast with less manpower and most important it is most safe . Integrity :-  Our all customer are repeat  because we never compromise with quality weather project is in profit or loss and that is why we get repeat order form corporate customer like intas /Cadila/Zydus/Cadila/Suzuki / Amcor / Alembic / CTX  like vise… Customer Centric :- Our all staff and associates are working in interest of customer. To take order we not commit anything which is not appropriate for the project. Innovation :- We do training for our staff  on regular basis and make some innovation like using softwares / sops  / processes / equipment / instrument to complete the project on time Communication :- Communication is the key to success of anything .We believe that communication must be right at all level ( within internal department or with customer or with supplier or with contractors) We emphasize on more to close the loop and always bad news come first so we can take immediate action to solve it.

Great Companies:  What are the struggles and challenges you face? Niraj Goswami: As ,every  entrepreneur faces the changes when they have stated the same changes we have faced like trust and cash flow management. But we have overcome this all with commitment and quality and processes. But i would like to share two cases we did one project of our esteem client sun pharm . in year 2014 It was 75 days revamp project we have been told that if we succeed than we  will have very bright future and if we failed than we will be out of the market as 40% of total revenue of the customer will come form that plat and if we delayed by 1 days than the production loss is in crores. We took the challenge we divide teams in to two shift along with two directors and one director sitting in office and manage all deliveries and commercial things so project wont get affected and with hard work we have finished the same in 74 days form there on we are working with sun and so many other esteem clients and   we are one of the pioneer pharma hvac company in the industries. Second case , we have received enquiery  for one of the project in NEPAL - KAHTMANDU, for us is an international project as we have not done any project outside gujarat so far but we took challenge  with meticulous  planning we have successfully completed that project after that we did 3 plants for same client in gujarat and we are executing very big project of same client in East Africa - Tanzaniya. We accept the challenges . When you accept the challenges you learn more ,acquire knowledge  and it gives you confidence and make you different from others



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