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Nikhaar Jain, Director at Bridgedots Techservices Pvt Ltd

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Nikhaar Jain: In 2009, When I graduated in Chemical Engineering B.Tech (IIT-BHU- then IT-BHU), many of my relatives and acquaintances used to ask me, how to make this chemical or polymer product, or how to make this production chemical plant, or my plant has so and so issue, how to rectify them. I thought there must be many companies who could help them out, but there were no established name or companies.

There was a market but no players. Few unorganized Consultants here and there but thats it. I realized then that India needs many such organizations.

I had joined TCE (Tata Consulting ENgineers) in 2010, as I thought they might be the one who solve these issues for at least large corporations, but realized that they are mostly in New Plants design and commissioning.

Then finally I thought that Institutes like IITs and IISC could have helped industries, but after several attempts, we realized, that Institutes have different objective, and simply doesn't have time.

So to be able to solve the problem, I had to start my self. Luckily I had my partners to believe on the idea.

Now the idea has graduated to this -

Any individual wants a product to be developed, he seeks a team who can help him to develop it in the lab, get the manufactured for pilot trials, and then to commercial launch. All he needs to be good at getting sales, and finding us. Rest we can manage for him.

So for example - you believe you know what customer needs in a nice Shampoo, and once the product is developed you can make the sales happen, all you need to do is find us. We will develop the shampoo, help you with pilot launch, and then finally get you in touch with contract manufacturer from where you can get the product directly to your customers. No hassles. Just focus on your strength of Idea and Sales, for rest the experts will take over.

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by Bridgedots Techservices Private limited

Nikhaar Jain: We do

a) Product development in the field of Construction Chemicals, Coatings, Membranes, Adhesives, Home Care, Hygiene, Personal Care, Cosmetics and Automotive industry.
b) Process Development in the field of Extraction of chemicals from Industrial waste and bio waste.
c) Process Optimization and Product Improvisation in the field mentioned above's for each.

Great Companies: What makes Bridgedots Techservices Private limited different from hundreds of other R&D and technology solutions firms?

Nikhaar Jain: Kindly look around and check are there really hundreds of other R&D company for chemical products or even for Brick and mortar concepts? That too in Indian market. If you can find , kindly name 3 for us.

So that answers this question to 50% extent I believe.

But most importantly, If once ever has to be, what different we do from in general market practices.

1. Client is always in 100% control of the project. Be it selection of materials, routes and timelines.

2. There is a 100% transparency. R&D process with Bridgedots is not like a black box. Doesn't matter if you are from accounts back ground or a layman, working with us, Clients will and do understand, what is going on, how materials are being selected, what and why it is being t ried for, and what to expect. It is a no surprise game as per the plan. Though results are surprising some times.

3. Objective aligns and sometimes over-reaches to clients end goals. Which is from Idea generation to products' market success.

The main reason why Bridgedots started was to solve the problems of industries. Doing that over a period of 10 years, we realized, the most powerful kick comes, when a product becomes acceptable in market. So for us, the ultimate goal is to have more and more products launched by different customers in different field successfully, made in Bridgedots Lab.

We simply don't want to make a product which is successful in lab, and doesn't sees the market. And that is also on of our criteria of selection of project we want to do.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Nikhaar Jain: Most of the struggles were quite similar to what any Entrepreneur or startup faces - Team, Focus, Structure, Capital etc.

Except for the fact that Indian Industry people's mindset is still not 100 % avid to invest in R&D. Or even wants to consider R&D as an important arm.

Few people want to invest in R&D, and take the risk. Most of the others simply want to use or are happy with the end product of the R&D. Not invest in them. That is the biggest struggle we as a company and as a nation faces. And it's high time we need that change to come.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Bridgedots Techservices Private limited?

Nikhaar Jain: In terms of revenues, 4X from current value. In terms of field, we want to work on Adhesives and coatings for EV Industry. We believe we will have developed more than 20 products at the end of 5 years from now which will be used i n EVs.

In terms of Concepts - we are trying to play with Medium Scale contract manufacturing setup for Cosmetics and Personal care, either via Collaboration or own setup. Every new start up in the field of chemicals, be it cosmetic or home care, faces issues with finding the right partner for manufacturing, and then with MOQ or Scale. We believe, one house which caters to these clients only, will be highly instrumental, in changing the timeline for product ready at lab scale to launch in market.

Biggest focus will be on working on building a platform and structure, where one can come up with a technology, be it in prototype or final stage, Bridgedots can help it to be commercialized. If can be via Technological up-gradation, Compliance's, reaching out to a right customer

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Nikhaar Jain: Look around and explore how many others are there working in the same field as you are. If many, that means your Idea has some validation done. But don't be too happy. You will still need to work damn hard to overcome them as competitors. You will need mentors and a great team. If none, don't be too sad or happy. Try to think of a final goal, which you might call success. And try to think of a timeline, take experts and mentors help to be able to deduce that. And finally multiply that no. by 3. That's the time you will take to reach the goal.

Once you have reached that number, question yourself are you really up for a fight that long, if yes - buckle up and dive. And just focus on enjoying the ride.

If not, then life is too big for just one idea.

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