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Neelanjana Choudhury: Winner of the 2024 Great Companies International Women Entrepreneur Award

Name: Neelanjana Choudhury

Business Name: Metaskills Recruitment and Training Consulting

Location: Bangalore,India

Establishment (Year): 2018

Category: Employment Activities

Profession/ Specialty: Recruitment and Training

Company Detail:

Driven by a passion for building world-class teams, Neelanjana Choudhury founded Metaskills Recruitment in 2015 - an exclusive recruitment firm on a mission to help high-growth technology companies globally attract exceptional talent to drive innovation.

With over 12 years perfecting the art and science of strategic talent acquisition, Neelanjana offers a proven recruitment blueprint honed while leading Metaskills Recruitment for nine years. Her data-driven, tech-enabled approach resulted in a robust recruiting engine that leveraged diversity to source and select the very best candidates.

A true mentor and coach at heart, Neelanjana thrives on nurturing relationships and motivating teams to reach their greatest potential. By fostering deep connections with both clients and candidates, she has tangibly improved satisfaction while boosting productivity and revenue.

At Metaskills Recruitment, Neelanjana leads an agile recruitment methodology based on meticulous vetting to deliver perfectly matched candidates with minimal rejection rates. Augmented by her rich expertise in soft skills training, Neelanjana provides holistic guidance - from interview tips to time management - to set candidates up for success.

With certifications from SQA and NABET and as an author, speaker, and jury member, Neelanjana is highly respected as a recruitment and training consultant. She founded MetaSkills in 2015 on the belief that a harmonious blend of technical competence and human skills is imperative for career advancement.

By leveraging her vast experience, network, and passion for teambuilding, Neelanjana is committed to enabling clients worldwide to fulfill their aspirations by attracting and developing the industry's premier talent.

Unique Selling Proposition or Competitive Advantage:

Why Metaskills Recruitment?

Exceptional Recruitment Team: Their team comprises highly skilled recruiters who are recognized as industry experts. They possess extensive knowledge and insights into various industries, ensuring accurate candidate assessment and selection.

  1. Empowered Team of Professionals: They are a dynamic all-women team, driven to achieve swift results in closing positions.

  2. Candidate Sourcing Expertise: Recognizing the significance of sourcing top talent, their team ensures a remarkable experience during the candidate interview process. Clients can expect to interact with some of the finest candidates, carefully selected to meet their requirements.

  3. High Joining Ratio: They boast an impressive 90% joining ratio for the candidates they present. This success rate reflects their ability to attract and secure candidates who are genuinely interested in the positions and aligned with the organization's needs.

  4. Diverse Hiring Expertise: While their core strength lies in IT hiring, they have successfully closed positions in non-IT and sales domains as well. Their adaptable approach allows them to cater to a wide range of recruitment needs.

  5. Timely Resume Submission: They prioritize promptness and efficiency in their services. Clients can expect the first resume submission within 24 hours of initiating the recruitment process, ensuring timely progress.

Challenges Faced During the Journey

In the early days, Metaskills Recruitment faced challenges getting clients and candidates. As a new company, it was difficult to build trust and reputation. However, by focusing on startups and delivering excellent service, Metaskills Recruitment gained experience and confidence.

With perseverance and commitment to clients, Metaskills Recruitment is now a top recruitment partner for major brands and promising startups, continuing to achieve strong results. The pandemic brought new obstacles as positions went remote, requiring the company to adapt its strategies.

With hiring frozen early on, founder Neelanjana had to devise new approaches to engage clients. She drew strength from her family, especially her husband who mentored her business, and her parents who motivated her to push on.

Amusingly, Neelanjana's 7-year-old daughter picked up recruitment terms from overhearing calls, using them humorously in conversation and providing comic relief from business pressures. Through dedication and support, Metaskills overcame early difficulties to become a leading recruitment firm.

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs:

Neelanjana advises hustling and perseverance, saying there are no shortcuts to success.

She encourages women entrepreneurs to return to work after a long break, noting it's never too late to restart your career. Metaskills Recruitment proudly empowers female candidates to join their mission.

Neelanjana urges extensive reading, experimentation, and exploring new boundaries personally and professionally. She focuses on building connections on LinkedIn and consistently developing one's brand.

Neelanjana concludes that success is not about never failing but refusing to give up when you do fall. Her story is one of overcoming obstacles through dedication and support.



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