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Naman Gupta, Founder of Suadre, takes on Breaking Fashion Typecasts

"Fashion is female." This stereotype has had a long shelf-life till today, and it can only take an entire revolution to break a fashion typecast of such sorts. While some people are still understanding the negative sides to this stereotype, we have amongst us a young man who believes in fashion inclusivity, diversity, and re-defining old fashion rules.

Naman Gupta, the founder of Suadre, a bespoke clothing company, has actively contributed to making fashion more approachable for men by providing a no-fuss platform for customized clothing. As an MBA in Finance student and creativity being his strong suit, he materialized his brainchild and created Suadre to let men have their fashion needs fulfilled.

Suadre Studio is based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and has been an active company in the e-commerce game with the help of an easy-to-access website . It is located in the heart of the mesmerizing Pink City and is a shopping stop for numerous local customers. The word Suadre stands for what it sells. ‘Su’ means suits, ‘a’ means and, ‘dre’ means dresses.

A Founder’s Journey

Naman Gupta’s gradual steps towards the creation of Suadre started with keen observation around him. He noticed among friends and family that getting pocket-friendly yet designer outfits for men was an alien concept. Next, he caught sight of men facing problems finding the right fit clothes in popularly visited brand outlets. There was a dearth of custom tailoring for men that could provide an opportunity to choose fabric, color, and even design by themselves. With these day-to-day challenges, the idea of filling these gaps is where Naman’s journey commenced.

Even the self-experiences of the founder with rough ready-made fittings made him aware of the negative perception of this shopping experience for most people. This got him an inch closer to turning his dream into a reality and calling it Suadre.

Naman Gupta completed his Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2013 from the University of Delhi and further pursued MBA from the Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad, and Dubai campus. He has even worked as a Senior Analyst at EY and has held other finance-related designations. Often criticized for dropping job opportunities with well-known companies, Naman Gupta has had an undisturbed vision and a goal to fulfill that even high level recruitments could not stop him from achieving. Banking on calculated risk-taking and an idea to create a bespoke clothing label for men, he let his commitment overshoot all the criticism and non-constructive feedback he had been a recipient to.

The transition from just a man with an idea to a business owner came with responsibilities such as managing a team, maintaining stable financial health, building trustable credit, and competing with the big shots. New learnings since the foundation of Suadre have helped in shaping the studio into a welcoming stop for all customers.

What Suadre Has in Store for Customers?

The concept of Suadre Studio was to provide an all-in-one solution for menswear under just one roof. Customers can customize their outfits online using the official website or customize fittings in-person at the studio. It offers more than one million combinations to custom-make men's clothing items. Suadre follows the time-saving and money-saving approach for men, as they can save time on fabric shopping by catering to this need here itself. The critical problem of sizing among most customers can be omitted by opting for an in-house tailor experience at Suadre Studio.

There has been a paucity of bespoke clothing labels attending only to the needs of men's styling and clothing lines. Often, men require a personalized studio for purchasing well-fit clothes for the office, weddings, or any other special occasion. In order to cover all kinds of requirements, materials such as linen, silk, wool, and varied designs like stripes and checks can be found here. Suadre offers a long list of customized clothing products such as shirts, trousers, blazers, suits, jackets, kurtas, pyjamas, and Indo-westerns at affordable prices. Other essential accessories like ties, cufflinks, buttons, and bow ties can also be custom-made at one spot for all.

This personalized style studio strives to bring the perfect blend of sophistication and class-apart outfits into a man’s wardrobe. This is an outstanding way for men to get their feel-good factor with stylish, tailor-made clothes. Suadre’s motto is to provide effortless style, premium quality fabric, custom fitting, and complete fashion attention to men around the globe.

Suadre Studio emphasizes an experience to remember. Along with the product and the journey to reach the desired output, Suadre values providing a never-before experience to customers while custom-making or selecting the fabric of their garment. There is a unique experience in store for customers among the many discussed features.

Process of Purchase

The purchase process begins with customers coming to the studio via referrals, social media awareness, or walk-ins. Suadre focuses on understanding the customer needs, such as the purpose of wear, budget, number of outfits, and more. The customers are offered catalogs for selecting the fabric and design to get better clarity. The measurements are taken on the spot, and a trial date is fixed to check the fittings of the garments. Once the fittings are approved, the final product is delivered with utmost warmth. The Suadre team targets this journey to be smooth sailing and a memorable one.

Challenges During the Journey and Overcoming Them

As a new venture, the journey since 2017 has been no cakewalk. With a share of obstacles and brainstorming to find solutions, Suadre has been able to gain recognition among local customers and within India. Before Suadre's establishment, the nature of concerns was different. As a founder, Naman Gupta introspected whether he possessed enough knowledge about the market as creating menswear was his interest but a whole new ball game to begin with. Using heavy-duty market research, interacting with experts, and studying the client demands helped him conquer the first few challenges.

Even production was found as a visible difficulty that was eventually solved by going ahead with in-house production. The journey began with fabric worth 15 lakhs and was expanded to a 1.10 crore inventory by adopting proper interventions and plans . As any novel businessman in the market, Naman Gupta witnessed an initial hurdle of gaining customer trust. However, well-outlined marketing strategies and word-of-mouth helped the founder form secure relationships with customers.

As Customer is King, it is of utmost importance to well-acquaint the customers with the products offered at Suadre Studio. This problem was solved by understanding customer requirements effectively by incorporating well-defined catalogs and questionnaires. In order to convert the blueprint of an idea into a reality, the staff productivity needs to be soaring high. As a leader of the Suadre team, Naman Gupta chalked out basic strategies to keep the staff motivated, something as minor as daily check-ins to understand their physical and mental health status.

Like most projects, Suadre has had a fair share of challenges, and these struggles are bound to remain an inevitable part of the journey even in the future. However, Naman Gupta’s solution-oriented thinking has proved to be an asset to convert each hardship into a victory and aims to continue doing so.

Road Ahead

Taking this dream up a higher notch, Suadre is looking at customized shoes and accessories for men, an area that is gaining demand and is less explored compared to women’s line. The work plan for customized shoes is already in action, and work around marketing in this less-visited area will be implemented soon. Moving forward, Suadre will be including an elaborate sherwani collection along with the existing clothing products for men. The dream ahead also includes venturing into exports of top-notch quality tailored suits.

The Suadre team will promote and actively work on sustainable fashion to reduce environmental impact using upcycling techniques and social media awareness, a less touched upon concept in the clothing market. A personalized style studio that caters to custom-made clothing for men will now work on another cause of the hour.

On the customer relations front, a wider website reach and expansion are also on the cards. The road ahead will take into account the latest fashion trends, the demand of the customers, and other situational factors on which the Suadre team will work around committedly.

With an aim to bring accessible, custom-made, and stylish clothes for men and outplaying the fashion clichés, this, ladies and gentlemen, is the journey of your very own Suadre. Now, it is safe to say fashion is not just female!

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