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Mubius WomenTech Ventures: Fueling Remarkable Growth in the World of Venture Capital

Carolina Gilberti is a journalist, communicator, and innovation specialist who founded Mubius WomenTech Ventures, a Venture Builder business based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in 2022. Mubius WomenTech Ventures represents the collaborative efforts of four individuals, each hailing from diverse fields and bringing unique skill sets to the table. United by a shared purpose, they have embarked on a groundbreaking mission to establish Brazil's very first WomenTech initiative. Their overarching goal is to drive an increase in the number of women assuming leadership roles, catalyzing businesses with solutions crafted to align with feminine values. This endeavor, while predominantly led by women, extends an invitation to men engaged in businesses related to this segment to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. Their starting point is the recognition of femininity as a value, transcending gender boundaries. They firmly believe that these values hold relevance not only for women but for individuals of any gender, and that by nurturing these values, they can make a significant impact.

Carolina Gilberti, the visionary behind Mubius WomenTech Ventures, has a personal journey marked by adaptation and resilience. Born in Brazil, she relocated to the United States at a young age, facing the daunting challenge of acclimating to a new culture and language. The move from the bustling city of São Paulo to the suburban landscape of Spring, Texas, was a profound culture shock for her and her family. Her mother, in particular, had to make significant sacrifices, leaving behind her career, her beloved city, and her fluency in Portuguese to become a full-time homemaker in an English-speaking environment at the age of 38.

Carolina, at just nine years old, had to rapidly learn the English language to navigate her new surroundings. However, as soon as the family was settling into their life in Texas, her father's job once again prompted a move, this time to Redmond, Washington, when she was 12. This transition was especially challenging as she entered her teenage years. While language was no longer a barrier, she grappled with the emotional challenges of fitting in, seeking acceptance, and finding her sense of belonging. Despite these initial hurdles, she eventually formed strong friendships, which made this period one of the most cherished in her life.

After three years in Washington, Carolina's mother fell seriously ill, and her dying wish was to return to Brazil to be with her family. Her father found a job in Brazil to fulfill her mother's wishes. Two years later, her mother passed away, leaving Carolina and her family devastated. Her father's decision to emancipate her and his subsequent silence for three years strained their relationship, causing a deep rupture in their family. Carolina was left alone, but her aunt and uncle stepped in to provide support. They not only cared for her but also financed her college education, enabling her to graduate with a degree in Journalism in Brazil.

Three years after her mother's passing, her father reconnected with her at the behest of her sister. Her sister had remained in the US while Carolina had returned to Brazil. This reunion marked the tentative beginnings of a relationship that had to be rebuilt from the ground up. They had grown apart during their separation and were essentially strangers to each other.

By this time, her father had started a new family, with a new wife and an adopted daughter. Carolina had to navigate this new reality and grapple with her own feelings of abandonment and loss. During this period, she struggled to find her identity and felt profoundly alone for many years.

Carolina eventually married her husband and had two children. Throughout her journey, she had always harbored a deep desire to make a positive impact on people's lives and the world at large, particularly by empowering women to thrive. However, it took her a considerable amount of time to regain her footing and overcome the pain of losing her family. Today, she has dedicated her life to empowering women to achieve emotional and financial independence through their own businesses, using her own company as a platform for this mission.

Carolina's message is one of unwavering determination and self-worth. She urges others never to doubt their worthiness of pursuing their dreams. She acknowledges that support may come from a select few, but those individuals are the right ones to stand by your side. Her story reminds us that we are never truly alone, and in moments of doubt, it's essential to remember that others look up to us and find inspiration in our journey. In her own words: "Don't EVER think you're not worthy of great things. We are. And we should go after them."

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