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Manisha Mahendra Chougule - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2023

Name: Manisha Mahendra Chougule

Business Name: DigiSec360 Solutions Pvt Ltd

Location: Mumbai, India

Establishment (Year): 2018

Category/ Industry: Information Technology

Profession/Specialty: Cybersecurity Consultant

Social Media: Linkedin

Company Details:

DigiSec360 is a pioneer cybersecurity organization that offers vital cyber security assessment and management services. The venture’s present clientele consists of Government, IT, Finance Firms, Academia and Hospitality. Stated below are some of the main offerings of the venture-

Network-driven infrastructure. Vulnerability assessment and Penetration Testing. Web, Mobile and Blockchain Application Security Assessment and Security Audit. Security-related Configuration Reviews for Firewall Switches and Routers according to the CIS Benchmark and Vendor’s Best Practices. Cybersecurity Awareness Training Sessions. Execution of NIST and ISO 27001.

Unique Selling Proposition/Advantage:

Cybersecurity is one among the main global challenges. Therefore, the MSMBs and the startups are one of the main targets for cybersecurity related activities due to the lack of security measures. There exists a huge gap in cyber skills and its demand. One of the top 5 organizational risks is the cyber security risk. MSMBs are hugely facing challenges in managing cyber security risk.

Challenges Faced during the Journey:

Security is a business that involves trust. Creating the same trust with the customer involves time. Consistency is the key and being self-motivated is a major challenge which is to be dealt with daily. The cybersecurity field is male and dominating. There are a less number of women involved in this field which implies that there are mostly men in CXO positions who are imbibed with decision-making skills. Therefore, competing with a male-dominated domain is a challenge as well.

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs:

One should never give up on their dreams. Self-trust and focus is of utmost importance. Persistence and consistency can greatly help in getting the desired results. Also, following the leads should be done, doing so can reap either of the 2 results, firstly the customers are on the brand’s board or secondly, they may bluntly reject the idea by directly saying ‘No’.



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