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Mamta Rupesh, Founder at The Vedic Maths

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business

Mamta Rupesh : Actually, I was unaware that I could start a business. I worked in a couple of schools Teaching Maths, Science, and Social Science. I could see students showing more interest in other subjects when compared to Mathematics. Students used to literally run away from Maths Classes. I tried my maximum to keep them engaged, but as a teacher, I need to see Student's interest too, we shouldn’t pressurize them as they have Maths Phobia.

I realized one day I could teach them Vedic Math with easy methods of calculation, and I became fascinated with the subject and learnt it from scratch. Students got fascinated with the simple tricks too and they were able to score well and learn Vedic math with confidence. Thanks to the amazing tricks taught by Swami Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji, who is regarded as the father of Vedic Maths.

I have a 3-year-old baby girl and she had a burn injury and my entire focus turned towards her. Over a period of time I didn’t know what to do and then realized what boosted few students in a class, could boost and benefit others across the world if thought Vedic Maths Online. That's how I ended up teaching Vedic Maths.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by The Vedic Maths

Mamta Rupesh : Vedic Maths is a small niche and very peculiar if learnt and practiced well. With my past experience in teaching, I understand what students need and that helped me to build a RoadMap with a list of courses.

Starting from:

  • Beginners Guide To Vedic Maths

  • Multiplication Mastery

  • Division Mastery

  • Fractions HCF & LCM

  • Squares & Cubes

  • Vedic Maths Tricks & Competitive Papers

  • School Syllabus ICSE/ CBSE/ State

Following the RoadMap and practicing it well daily will help students pass on Maths phobia. We have over 5000+ students who have enrolled in our courses and follow the RoadMap as and when I continue to launch new courses. Also, we provide,

  • Lifetime access for all the courses

  • Course Completion Certificate

  • Bonus Chapters

  • Vedic Maths Community

  • Quiz Questions

  • Pdfs after every chapter.

Great Companies: What makes The Vedic Maths different from hundreds of other Education firms?

Mamta Rupesh : I don’t do everything that others do, to put it in other words, I focus on one subject “Vedic Maths”, and I deep dive into it to generate as much value as possible.

We have a proper Roadmap for our courses and also have a Vedic Maths Community on a separate platform that is not linked with any social media platforms because I don't want kids to get diverted. Where most others don't provide all of these.

Vedic Maths Course is applicable for students from grade 3 - 12, writing competitive exams, and added Advantage with Certification for Parents and Teachers to learn and teach their own kids or tutor Vedic Maths Online or Offline for an Extra Income