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Make your own persona and ideal customer profile to use

By Krishna Porwal

Whenever we step ahead for business purposes and make a meeting with any consultancy or marketer, their first interaction with us will start mostly with a simple and basic question that is “What is your target market? Have you developed an ideal customer profile? Who are your personas?” and mostly it happens that we don’t know much about it we run our mind and ask people about it or does the basic thing which everyone does, “google it” and google will pop up with millions od answers to out single question which make our head spin. And then we think from where should I start and how? So here our some our useful points mentioned below :

· Learn what target markets, ideal customer profiles, and personas are, and why you need them.

· Define your ideal client and personas.

· Use your ideal client profiles and personas to improve all of your marketing channels.

Then if we talk in detail about What are target markets, ideal customer profiles and personas? Here’s an brief about it :

The first step to audience segmentation for marketers is to try and define the overall market you want to reach. Questions to be addressed here include industry, type of customer (B2B or B2C), geographic constraints and other demographics, such as company size and turnover.

An ideal customer profile is a hypothetical description of the type of company that would realize the most value from your product or solution. These companies tend to have the quickest, most successful sales cycle, the greatest customer retention rates and the highest number of evangelists for your brand. Where as A persona, in user-centered design and marketing is a fictional character created to represent a user type that might use a site, brand, or product in a similar way. Marketers may use personas together with market segmentation, where the qualitative personas are constructed to be representative of specific segments.

How to explain ideal client and persona ?

We’ll take a look at what goes into defining your ideal client, and then where to find that information instead of making it up out of thin air!

Some elements of ideal client profile are :-

· The average size of the company

· The average company revenue

· The ideal industry or industries

· The ideal location of the company

How to define your ideal customer profile without guesswork-

· Narrow it down.

· Get clear on your value proposition

· Speak to your target company

· Create a detailed description of the type of customer you want to target

Use your ideal customer profile to make marketing easier –

There are many ways to make our marketing easy but with our ideal customer profile there are many innovative idea among which, first of all we should provide the right goods and products, we should choose the right marketing channels which have proper coverage and ore influencing power, should use proper and attractive graphics and should are own developed visual designs and much more.

Conclusion –

With the emerging trends of having more influencing power and reach and making an impact on millions or few with online platforms. One should keep in mind that for long term business run we should make our customer relation more deep and also make our profitability and focus on our customer profile and make it is updated on specific interval of time.

With the ease of reaching thousands, if not millions, of potential customers using online marketing, it’s tempting to take a broad approach to your target market and ideal customers. But to truly drive long-term success, develop deep customer relationships, and increase profitability, spend some time defining your ideal customer profile, and applying it to your marketing decisions.

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