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MAD Designs

Business Name: MAD Designs

Name: Mohana Chandorkar

Location: Pune, India

Establishment (Year): 2016

Category / Industry: Marketing and Advt

Sub Category / Sub Industry: Branding and marketing

Several employees: 1-10 employees

Company Detail: They are a preferred branding consultant and graphic design company in Pune that loves to design, not just to make it look good, but also to support their client's business goals. A vibrant mix of talented, enthusiastic, and seasoned people who view graphic designing and digital marketing as a passion more than a profession is their core strength; Little wonder then that they deliver outstanding results!

The solutions to Customer problems:

Problem- They help their clients in:

1. Explaining better what they sell. Digital marketing has many channels from which we could use different types of content, and communicate our products, and services.

2. Identifying their market segment, Their marketing services allow them to know in greater detail what their market segment is, also allowing them to test different audiences to see which of them best suits the products or services.

3. Increasing visibility of their business, One can distribute his/her content on different channels such as social networks, email marketing, and blog among others.

4. Measuring their marketing actions, The measurements of the actions help to have control and be able to make better decisions about digital marketing strategies.

Solution- They are a full-suit digital marketing and branding agency. They offer the following services:

1. Branding and brand consultation: It begins with a brand audit which consists of studying the theme, tone, message, alignment of the texts, images, graphics, logo, imagery, etc.

2. PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns: This service comprises a paid advertising model that helps to win quality leads for the company, through an ad that appears in the results of Google searches (SERP) or also a partner page (display).

3. Content Marketing: Service focused on the creation and execution of a content strategy that allows the company to be shown as a reference and specialist in its field.

4. Inbound Marketing: It uses the Inbound methodology to create a comprehensive strategy that makes up all areas of the agency to achieve the client's business objectives.

5. Social media marketing: Defines a personalized social media strategy to achieve an optimal customer presence that boosts their image and generates new buyers.

6. Web design & development: It ranges from planning (composition, UX, etc.) to website development and launch. The web design service is developed with users and web trends in mind, to ensure optimal performance.

7. Design of virtual stores: Focused on creating an eCommerce for SMEs and large companies, where each of the processes for the purchase of a product or service is taken into account.

Unique Value Proposition: What value do they bring?

At Mad Designs, they provide creative solutions that manage to provoke strong emotions between brands and people. They create the emotions that make brands stand out in a global market. That's their job. Creativity, Innovation, and Service are the strategic keys to their Marketing. Strategic communication, if it wants to be effective, must be different to have an impact. A strategy must be coherent, novel,

and simple.

Target Market: They are most effective when they can communicate clearly and quickly to the client. Apart from this, understanding the target market and culture of the client is equally important. Therefore, their ideal client is the one who has little idea of what to expect from a digital marketing agency and knows its limitations, areas of operation, and what advantages they can bring to them.

Their ideal client knows at least a little about branding and digital marketing. He/she can communicate the targets, expectations, and requirements, and he/she could be located anywhere in the world since they work online.



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