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GREAT COMPANIES: Can you commence by telling a little about your start –up?

LS RAJAGOPAL: It all started 9 years back after finishing my masters in visual communication I  started as a single man and after 4 years in 2014 we started off as a company and we are very happy and successful that we were able to expand and make our quality and make our clients happy and refer us with confidence.

GREAT COMPANIES: How do you manage your clients?

LS RAJAGOPAL: After a project  is being taken over we follow a strict process of sending mails and following up on each and every step we take and also make calls to the clients and keep them posted on the details regarding the project .  

GREAT COMPANIES: What are the company’s values?

LS RAJAGOPAL: Just stay creative and stay happy when you work be punctual and hardworking. 

GREAT COMPANIES: What do you see as the most challenging aspect of this job?

LS RAJAGOPAL: All jobs are challenging but for us its matter of alick or a shot more than that  it's more about lights and frames and concepts that we keep changing for each project of ours make our output unique, We also have strong competitions which make us think out of the box .

    GREAT COMPANIES: What do you see yourself in five years?

LS RAJAGOPAL: We would like to be know as one of the most trusted media partner  for companies and events all across India and various countries across the globe . please note that I am known as Rajagopal also known as Rajaram amongst friends and business people this is for your kind attention .

1 comment

1 Comment

Swetha Shankar
Swetha Shankar
Apr 27, 2020

Amazing work ..he just gives his best in what ever he commits .....keep going and reach great heights

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