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Lokesh Parashar of Adkindia LLC

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling us a little bit about Adkindia LLC?

Lokesh Parashar: Its Buying House in India with Consulting Arm in New York, USA. Indian Company work for overseas buyers to manage their buying of merchandise from India. USA based Adkindia LLC works with Indian factories to set up their sales marketing office in the USA.

Great Companies: How did Adkindia LLC come into being? What is its success mantra? 

Lokesh Parashar: Make in India is a very complicated issue for overseas buyers who want to work with Indian factories. Thats where Adkindia add value to the supply chain issues for the orders from overseas retailers, importers, wholesalers.

Great Companies: Is there a difference in market trends between international and domestic markets? If yes, then how do you manage to cope with these differences?

Lokesh Parashar:  There is a big difference in intl & domestic markets. Adkindia LLC is well connected to the international market with offices in New York and New Delhi. Hence aptly placed to bridge the cultural, professional & efficiency gap between the Indian factories & overseas buyer's expectations.

Great Companies: What special services does Adkindia LLC provide to its clients?

Lokesh Parashar: Sourcing/Production Management//Logistics support/Quality management/Coordinating with factories/Communication & Management Consulting

Great Companies: Where do you see Adkindia LLC in the next 10 years down the line?

Lokesh Parashar: Contributing to Make in India by bringing a large number of Buyers to buy from India factories.