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LeenaBOT Robotics Pvt Ltd - Great Small Companies To Watch Out For in 2021

Company Name : LeenaBOTRobotics Pvt Ltd

Founders Name: Swapna Kanade

Company Detail : LeenaBOTRobotics provides very cost effective and cutting edge technology training to students across world, in Robotics, AI, computer coding to bridge gap between Technology and academic study. Its early learning trainings are planned to bring innovation in school children to build their future and future of society. We have global presence with 300+ students attending training from different countries and number growing. We spend lot of efforts on research, white papers and development.

Location: Worldwide, Registered in Bangalore, India and Lincoln, NE USA

Employee Size: 12

Business Category : Education, Robotics and Innovation

Top Reasons WHY Customers Choose to Do Business with You:

  1. Company built on passion, Co founder has 19+ Years experience in Robotics, AI, IoT and Embedded systems, All syllabus, training structure are created by co founder

  2. New Innovative, workshop style training away from traditional training methods

  3. No ready made kits, students build from scratch, Students have opportunity to think and innovate

  4. Committed for 10% donation to Medical research,charity. Reason Leena(in LeenaBOT) was Cofounder sister died at very young 12yrs old due to pneumonia and poverty

  5. All our faculties are with Masters degree in Electronics or computer science with Industrial experience

  6. Very cost effective training modules to reach every poor student want to innovate

  7. Women empowerment, we have 90% women employees

  8. Continues effort on research and white paper publications

  9. Global presence, registered office in Bangalore India and USA. Students attending training from USA,UK, Canada and India. Students from other countries also approaching.



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