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L'avenour Healthcare Private Limited, Great Companies SME Business of the Year Award Winner 2020

Name of Company: L'avenour Healthcare Private Limited

Founder Name: Sarthak Aggarwal

Can you provide us with a description of your business? What was the purpose of starting this business? What issue did it want to solve?

L’avenour means “Towards Future!” That is why L’avenour Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has stepped into the market with a service motive of refining the future by launching its exclusive range of healthcare products which have been specially designed addressing the current needs of the society. The issue we are currently focusing on is prevention of oral cancer in India.

How is it different from other competitors?

We are different from other competitors because our aim is to provide unique healthcare products which remain true to its claimed attributes and is proved to be beneficial for the customer in a true sense. All our products are patented, which would mean that all of them are one-of-a-kind and therefore, no similar product is being marketed anywhere in the world.

What and how are the challenges so far? How did you overcome them?

To manufacture healthcare products, a lot of government formalities are required to be completed which was no piece of cake. We overcame it by giving our 100% and we were able to incorporate our company as well as clear all the formalities required by the government for pharmaceutical manufacturing in less than a year and we think that is our biggest achievement till date.

Year of Founding: 2019



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