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Laura Goldstein: Montgomery County Counseling Center

Name: Laura Goldstein

Business Name: Montgomery County Counseling Center

Location: Rockville, MD, USA

Establishment (Year): 2017

Category/Industry: Health & Wellness

Profession/ Specialty: Mental Health Services

Company details:

There are two different companies: Montgomery County Counseling Center is a local private practice addressing mental health from a system approach. We provide clinical excellence AND value employee satisfaction to stop the perpetuating burnout of mental health providers. Thera Courses is a newly launched psychoeducational platform. We are responding to the nationwide adolescent mental health crisis by offering affordable and accessible online courses for parents of adolescents. Useful for either prevention or treatment, we also offer collaboration with other professionals to address some of the pain points in the mental health industry, including but not limited to the severe workforce shortage in the family therapy space.

Unique selling proposition/ competitive advantage:

Thera Courses is the first of its kind; prioritizes the affordability in mental health resources and collaboration for the bigger purpose of shifting a broken system. We prioritize people over profits and donate one course to underserved community mental organizations for every course purchased from private families.

Challenges faced during the journey:

My family dynamic (I can speak more to this but sometimes over-disclosure is unhelpful as a therapist).

Advice for women entrepreneurs:

Do it because you love it, not because you think it's the only way to financial stability.



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