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Kavitha Manevannan : Style Tangent

Name: Kavitha Manevannan

Business Name: Style Tangent

Location: Chennai, India

Establishment (Year): 2014

Profession/ Specialty: Trainer/Coach

Company Detail:

Kavitha brings in 14-years of corporate experience in diverse global roles followed by 8 years as a leading Personal Branding Strategist, Image Consultant and Etiquette Expert. Having trained more than 17000 clients and coached over 3700 people globally, she often met people who despite fixing their appearance and persona found huge gaps in other areas. They reached out for assistance with their Health, Finance & Career, Emotional Life or at times even their Relationships.

She is certified as an International Lifebook Leader ( mentored by the founders of Lifebook, USA ).

Her Life Purpose is to help 100,000 people lead a fulfilled and balanced life without compromise in one area for another. Her clients have become economically empowered and later been able to shape the future, of first their families and then replicate the same with the people they impact.

As a privileged Lifebook Leader, she is here to work with anyone who wants to move to the driver's seat of their life. She won't let you settle and she won't let you give up. She will help you get to the life you absolutely love, one category and one strategy at a time. She will support you every step of the way.

Unique Selling Proposition / Competitive Advantage:

There are 3 elements that set Lifebook above and beyond other goal-setting programs:

1. Holistic Approach – Lifebook helps you create a vision for all 12 dimensions of your life – not just your health, career, or finances, but everything in between that’s equally important.

2. Personalized System – Lifebook is an empty system that helps you get in touch with what YOU really want in life. All answers come from you, not at you. As a customizable blueprint for your ideal life, it’s grounded in what your idea of success and fulfillment looks like – nobody else’s.

3. Measurable Results – With our signature Lifebook Assessment tool, Lifebook actually measures your transformation after a specific time period, and for all 12 key dimensions of life.

Challenges faced during the Journey:

Being born a girl in a patriarchal society was her first obstacle. During her early years of childhood and marriage, it had been quite the struggle, just to be seen & heard. Lack of freedom to pursue her dreams was her biggest challenge.

Perseverance, Self Reliability and Taking Responsibility have been her core values. She has risen above her challenges and today inspires many like her , who are suppressed and living in doubt and fear.

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs:

Kavitha would like to advice all female entrepreneurs that the only thing that separates from Where You Are and Where You Want to Go is " WHAT YOU DO!!".

She says to first identify our Goal, then to take action in the right direction. Because as she says 'Goals without Action will just remain Dreams!!'.



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