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Janak Bhatt- CEO of Pristine ideas

Great Companies: What are the attractions of your company? Janak Bhatt: Our major attraction is that we are a team-driven, equipped agency  having young creative minds and a simple mantra i.e. to focus on solutions & ideas that are strategy and communication based having human insights. Plus, my boastful experience of working with few of the best national and international MNCs has acted as a strength. That's how we stand out from the rest.

Great Companies: What is your working strategy that ensures your clients advertising reach? Janak Bhatt: There is no one-rule that fits all funda for ensuring the advertising reach. Maximum of times, our solutions are bespoke or tailored to fit the need & behavior of the market. However, there is one thing that we always swear by i.e. creativity and strategy led ideas.

Great Companies:  How do you pledge that your clients will be 100% satisfied? Janak Bhatt: At Pristine, we work closely as partners to clients not as vendors. So that we can understand the client and change his customer's behavior of buying service or product. Our reasoning, logical solutions, in-house quality checks and research-based ideas are all client approved. Pristine's rich clientele is a testament to it.

Great Companies:  Do you provide training? Janak Bhatt: Training is an essential part of growing and its importance cannot be ignored. Apart from some in-house training programs and sessions like 'do it you way' and 'pen it down' there are online courses too that our employees take from time to time.  Great Companies:  What was the reason for beginning Pristine Ideas when there were many competitors in the field? Janak Bhatt: Advertising industry  is evolving like never before. This is in itself bought an opportunity for me. Even with tough competition around,  it was the lack of local touch, the understanding of the local brands and strategy driven communication in tier-2 cities that helped Pristine Ideas come into existence.  

Moreover, the need for local brands to become bigger also played a major role. Presently, we are aiming to establish ourselves as a strategic communication and ad agency in Central India.



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