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James Vineeth of Revelation Consulting

Great Companies: Can you brief us a little about the concept behind the Revelation Management?

James Vineeth: Revelation Management Consulting aims at providing an Eco System for Entrepreneurs where Scaling up is not only a Theory but it is practical possible by co learning and being accountable to the scaling up systems.

Presently our focus is within the state of Tamil Nadu. Therefore all our Digital Coaching Products are designed Bi-Lingual (Tamil and English Mixed). Global concepts presented locally. Within a year we will create systems for International Audience as well.

Great Companies: Do you think Revelation Management will be able to successfully empower more than 1 million entrepreneurs worldwide by 2035?

James Vineeth: Absolutely Yes. It may look like an impossible number. But we always believe in Visionary Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship. Our Vision is so powerful that the Purpose itself will take us where we need to be!

Our existing community members are enjoying our weekly hand holding coaching support so much that they are referring new Entrepreneurs to take up our Digital Coaching Bundle. (When the Vision is Purposeful, People will take care of that).

Great Companies: With the onset of Global Pandemic Coronavirus, do you think it will be a major setback for budding entrepreneurs?

James Vineeth: Yes. It will be a Challenge. But it is all how we see it! Right Mindset is very important to battle with this situation. We have requested all our clients to work on segmentation of business prospects and plan accordingly.

There are three segments of prospective customers : 

A : I Need it and Can’t Wait : Irrespective of the Product you sell of service you offer, there will be people who need to buy your product / service to come out of a situation or avoid going through a painful process.

Ex : Mobile phone is Broken / Vehicle Battery is Dead / Wedding was Postponed and now it needs to happen

B : I Want it and Can Wait + Can Research : Most people are worried because of this segment. These potential customers will surely convert. But it is going to be a matter of time. We never know when this will turn into a Sale. They are prospects who have a requirement, but can put the purchase decision on hold or even evaluate other alternatives and thus can take more time to buy.

Ex : Thinking of Changing the Car, Mobile performance is Slow

(These customers don’t need to buy immediately but will wait, think, process information and decide on things. They will inquire but will buy slow)

C : I Love it and Can Pay: This would be a highly untapped market if we don’t strategize and position ourselves well. They are going to be the top 20% of the market who are strong buyers. They have enough resources and want to grab the chances to purchase they favourite products or services in times like these because bank interests may give them low returns or great products could even be bought at a low offer price.

Ex : Someone having more money and wants to Buy BMW as the offer seems to be very good. Someone having more money and finds Real Estate investment better than Fixed Deposits. Someone just have a Matured Chit Funds amount and wants to spend it on home furnishing.

Great Companies: What all services does Revelation Management offer? What is the price range?

James Vineeth: Our Core Offering is called as Business Scale-up Blueprint. This is a 12 Days Course with many other free courses bundled along with lifetime access to our Community – Growth Foundation International) – Worth 80K in value given for 9999.

KPI Gamification for Business : 4 Months Projects starting from 1L

One Day Custom Crafted Program for Companies : Starting from 25L

Great Companies: What is the success mantra behind your company’s progress till date?

James Vineeth: Our Key to success have always been the following things.

- God’s Grace – God connects the dots in our Life to make it Meaningful and Purposeful for others.

- A Perfect Balance of Strategy, People Management and Powerful Execution of the Strategy

- We understand Customers like no other. We operate from the Customer and Employee Perspective and design every step in our Coaching Process very practically.

- We have worked with 500+ Companies from 100+ Business Categories. It has equipped us to know the Modality of each business and Coach them accordingly.

- We believe in Action. Learners don’t Grow. Action takers Grow. Learning is a waste of time if you don’t implement or event try what you have learnt.



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