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Indu Shrotri - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2020

Indu Shrotri

Yoga For You

Service Provider

Company Details

Modern man is full of tension and agony, in spite of so much development in science and technology. The result is the lack of Mental- Peace. Through medical experiments, the international world has come to the conclusion that Yoga gives physical, Mental and Emotional balance to a person. Yoga has been established as a therapy for Mind and body and a means for healthy life. Yoga creates Balance of Body and Mind through exercises called "ASANS", breathing called "PRANAYAM" and meditation called "DHYANA" it is very important that you get Yoga by an experienced teacher to guide you.With this aim in view , I started Yoga center so that people should be benefited by Yoga.

What challenges have you overcome to reach where you are now

In spite of so much education about Health, people are not interested for the prevention of Diseases. They would like to spend thousands of money for the treatment of diseases but would not care for its prevention. So I had convince the people to accept Yoga as routine of their life. To find the right Instructor was also the problem. As I am Gold medalist in M. A. Yoga, I wanted that all my instructors should be Masters in Yoga. We have all instructors having Masters Degree from the University. Then the other problem was the Service that we have to provide. I kept all the basic essentials in my service of Yoga sothat the people should get the best .

What message you want to give for other aspiring women entrepreneurs

Dream big which is for the welfare of the society and do everything to achieve it. Grab the opportunity and listen to your gut feeling.

To what do you attribute your success

Passion about anything is the key to success. Do what you love and love what you do is the second component to any one's success.

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