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Idensic, Winner Of The Great Companies Global Business Award- 2022

Business Name: Idensic

Name: Visnu Sanker SS

Location: Coimbatore, India

Establishment (Year): 2017

Category / Industry: IT Services

Sub Category / Sub Industry: Cyber Security Services

Number of employees: 1-10 employees

Company Detail:

Idensic is a Cybersecurity Company serving IT security solutions & support to Software development companies & Internet applications. The goal of their team is to transform any technology from the most vulnerable state to a well-protected domain. They help organizations by offering complete Cybersecurity Solutions and securing their digital assets.

The solutions to Customer problems:


Their Idensic team proactively solve problems related to Cyber threat and Cyber risks on the internet. In today’s world, every individual relies on the Internet and everything becomes online. In such a situation, cybercrimes have increased immensely. Cybercriminals and hackers target public people to steal not only money but a lot more information from them. Of course, people do not directly get in contact with hackers, but their way of connecting is through the Internet and applications on the Internet. When those applications on Internet are secure enough, hackers cannot get into them and perform any malicious activities. So they help on protecting & securing those applications on Internet so that, not only the application is safe, but also the people are too.


Cybersecurity being the most crucial thing in any technology today, the corresponding steps are not been taken properly and effectively to overcome cyber challenges. Considering that they came up with their team to provide full-fledged security solutions to development companies. They work as highly Dedicated Security Support to ensure that the development company is completely safe from any kind of external cyber threats & security risks. They achieve it by engaging multiple tasks like performing Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Security Risk Management, Security Auditing, and Cybersecurity Consulting and also providing Cybersecurity Workshops for such enthusiasts.

Unique Value Proposition:

  • Unlike any other service providers, their security support is not split up into categorical services and prices for every individual service. When it comes to securing things, they should be completely secured. They exactly do this to their clients. Moreover, they took a step ahead and started training their clients to do what they do. They provide them with Cybersecurity training sessions completely for free so that the purpose is been registered explicitly.

Target Market:

Their target market is solely in the Information Technology Field. A business that relies on the internet is its desired client. A company that sells its products through an internet application (Website/App) is a good example of its ideal customer. Moreover, a software company or a development company that provides IT services can also be their potential client as they could be their dedicated security team

Company’s Internal Objectives related to innovation, customer service, and operational excellence:

  • Improve or focus research and development,

  • Investing in Great customer service,

  • Improve customer retention,

  • Streamline core business processes

A customer’s review:

  • Best value for the cost,

  • Reliable products/services,

  • Best Service,

  • Must need & important service

Benefits to Employees:

  • Positive Work Environment,

  • Effective Communication,

  • Freedom in the Workplace,

  • Work-Life Balance,

  • Growth Career Opportunities

Community / Society Service:

The ultimate purpose of the service they provide is a way of giving back to society as they strive to protect every common people from being exposed to cyber threats and cyber-attacks. But they don't stop it there, they also provide various awareness sessions to schools & society to make people conscious of this Cyber situation around here.



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