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Hemanth Jain of Landmark Ceramics

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling a little about your business?

Hemanth Jain: "LANDMARK CERAMICS" a premium Bathfittings & Sanitarywares store in Chennai, with 15 years of experience we are associated with world's top most brands like KOHLER, VALDAMA, ITALINO & other few international brands.

Great Companies: Who are your target customers ?

Hemanth Jain: Our target is to cater Most of Interior designers, architects and premium builders.

Great Companies: How do you cater the needs and requirements of your customers?

Hemanth Jain: As we are associated with international brands, We are always updated and upgraded with latest trends, quality & tailored specifications to enhance the comfort of living style.

Great Companies: What makes your company different and more suitable then your competitors?

Hemanth Jain: 15 years of unchallenged trust and testimonials makes us stand out prominently. Service & Satisfaction has always been our utmost priority.

Great Companies: Five years down the line, what all do you plan to achieve?

Hemanth Jain: To make our presence felt across South India with many more stores to come.



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