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HELP ON TECH- A Startup to Help Other Startups


In today’s new normal, or for that matter not only in the present time, but since the past couple of years, it has become mandatory for almost all businesses to have a digital presence, i.e., a presence on the internet. Today, the customers, before asking the address of your shop or office will ask the website, where they can get an idea of the business.

But not everyone who is running a business or want to startup comes with technical expertise of creating and developing a website on their own. On top that, most startups, because of various issues, can’t hire a dedicated team of web development. So, in these cases, web and app developing startups comes into the picture to help the startups reach out to customers or clients digitally.


With the sole vision of helping new startups to launch themselves in the market, which has cut throat competition, and not survive but excel in the race, this startup known as ‘SRCHOUT SOFTWARE’ came into life.

The year was 2018, when SRCHOUT came into existence in Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. “Your problem is our solution, your dream our team” – reads the LinkedIn profile of the company, which depicts the motive and vision of the team behind it.


It just requires some clicks on google, some time, and done, your screen is filled with names and contacts of various companies, small and big, less experienced more experienced, expensive and cheap, who are ready to provide you web development services. Anyone wishing to create a software for a new business will have several options to choose for regarding creation and designing of website.

So, it becomes highly important, to prove your uniqueness, to show your skillset and your experience to the client at the first glance. And here, SRCHOUT has done its homework pretty impressively. The website of the company mentions a few reasons why we should choose this particular company over others. They are:

Technical Advancement

By keeping client base and client profit at the top priority SRCHOUT not only creates the website for the business but also helps in implementing technology and make that technology work for the client. This way the employee expense of the client reduces to quite an extent. At SRCHOUT the mantra they are following are “ Your dream our team”

Build Brand

The website is the only representation, the sole voice of the business on the internet. So, it's important to keep in mind that the website must represent the theme, the ideology, the motive and the vision of the business or the organization is reflected on the website. In that way, the company through the website they create are able to build a brand image for the client.

Boost Your Revenue

In order to increase the number of customers visiting your website and spend the maximum possible time on it, the website must be created in such a manner which can keep the customer engaged. In this way, when a customer spends a lot of time on the website then the chances of them buying products or subscribing to services increases. And this will eventually increase the revenue generation for the business.


To yield best results, a unique and productive process is required. How to achieve the target is an important question to be answered. And regarding this aspect of the job, SRCHOUT has intelligently craved out an efficient and effective process of doing their job.

The three stages of the process are:

R & D

Research and development are the most crucial part of any process or project. This is the first and foremost thing where the team should set their hands on. And here in SRCHOUT the team generates various ideas to meet the product needs of the client, and work iteratively with stakeholders and end-users on wireframes and clickable prototypes.

Delivering World Class UI/UX

People do not see the backstage work, for them you need to be the best on stage, otherwise, no matter how well you rehearse or manage the show, if it’s not performed well on stage, everything is wasted. Likewise, in tech, the user interface and experience are the only thing that all the customers visiting the website will come to terms with. Hence, in order to attract and engage the customer base a well-made UI and UX is required.

Latest Advance Technology

To be in business for long, one needs to keep oneself updated and adapt new things with time. And in tech world the things change at a faster pace than other fields, hence it is important that the website is created with the latest technology available. There are various benefits of using the latest technology such as, enhanced security, updated software, better technical assistance etc.

Since its inception in the last 3 years, SRCHOUT has helped various startups to build a website and have a digital presence on the internet to reach out to the wide range of customers. Because this startup, SRCHOUT was started with this vision that every business be it small or big have the right and deserves to be have an online presence with a great website. So, here they are, helping businesses to grow.

About CEO

Sudhanshu Ranjan is the founder and CEO of SRCHOUT who founded this company at the age of 17 with only 10,000 Rs in his hand which he got from selling game installation services to his friends and family and brought the company from 10,000 to 5,000,000 in revenue at just the age of 21

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