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Harsha Puthusserry- MD of Iraah Loom International Pvt Ltd

Great Companies: Can you tell how and when did this unique idea emerge of starting IRAAH LOOM INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD?

HARSHA PUTHUSSERRY: It has long been a dream of  my own to start a company. I was obliged to carry my passion with whatever I worked at. That's how I got into the concept of corporate gifting. I started dreaming in the year of 2015 itself and after a long period of time in 2019 I started Iraah Loom International Pvt LTD. At Iraaloom we manufacturing different varieties of products in handloom materials like the jute and cotton implementing artistic skills and creativity to produce sustainable products. Great Companies: How has the market responded to IRAAH LOOM INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD and whom would you credit the success of your product to?

HARSHA PUTHUSSERRY: We got a very good response from the beginning time itself, because now day’s people are very much concerned about the sustainability, and our products are 100% eco-friendly. Most of our products got very good feedback and recommendations because of the product quality and design. As a founder I’m so thankful for my team, all credits goes o the team iraaloom. Great Companies: What is your company’s mission and vision?

HARSHA PUTHUSSERRY: My mission is to make Iraaloom as an international eco-friendly brand. Also I would like to prefer an eco-friendly lifestyle by using our products. Most of our employees are women’s and through our project #iraamovement I want to uplift the local community by providing a proper employment system and also I want to produce more micro entrepreneurs.

Great Companies: Who are your target demographic and how do you serve them?

HARSHA PUTHUSSERRY: My target is the corporates, they are the potential customers. We are serving through our online services like website, social media pages and through our store. Great Companies: How do you plan on expanding your business? Can you tell us about some of your future endeavours?

HARSHA PUTHUSSERRY: We are looking for s step by step expansion, now iraaloom have a team and a unit that can products 1akh products per month and each stage it will get expanded. I’m looking forward to support the handloom industries, the traditional artisans and want to do many national and international exhibitions in the name of my brand iraaloom.



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