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Harpreet Ahluwalia Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2021

Name : Harpreet Ahluwalia

Business Name : Alluring Fantasies

City : Noida

Country : India

About Brand/Company : "A socio- economic initiative aiming to effect a meaningful change in the way gardening and eco green is done - by creating garden pots and decorations in five distinct mediums of terracotta, wood, poly-resin ,metal and mixed.

Over 4,500 + designs in animal+ bird shaped pots are created by potters( 10 woman) in 6 clusters over 8 states pan India, where in a sustainable and scalable livelihood is provided to them.

Earthly Creations has changed the way corporate gifting, employee felicitations are done- where in the aim is Love an animal, gift a plant, now and always. Over 100,000 products are adoring the likes of people who care to make this planet a better way to live in.



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