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Hannah Parvaz - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2023

Name: Hannah Parvaz

Business Name: Aperture

Location: London, United Kingdom

Establishment (Year): 2022

Category/Industry: Advertisement & Marketing

Profession/ Specialty: Growth Agency working with social impact companies

Social Media: LinkedIn Company Detail:

Aperture is a growth marketing agency founded in 2022 that partners exclusively with purpose-led brands. They guide clients to achieve sustainable growth strategies that make the world kinder.

Their founder saw an opportunity to leverage marketing for good after over a decade in growth. They take an experiment-driven approach to scale impact for their clients.

Some examples of partners they work with:

  • Mental health and grief support apps

  • Women's health and mindfulness apps

  • Financial literacy apps

  • Food waste reduction apps

  • Accessible therapy and supplements enhancing mental wellbeing

Their expertise spans performance marketing, branding, influencers, and rigorous optimization methodology. They focus on acquisition, activation, and retention marketing to help purposeful brands maximize their reach. At Aperture, they believe business can drive positive change through ethical growth strategies. They evaluate potential partners closely, only working with those committed to improving lives. their goal is to guide companies to grow profitably while advancing their social duty.

Unique Selling Proposition or Competitive Advantage:

What sets Aperture apart is their commitment to ethical growth that balances profit and purpose. They work exclusively with companies creating measurable social impact, guiding them to expand their reach sustainably. Many agencies prioritize profits over positive change. But business growth and doing good are not mutually exclusive. Aperture proves this through our rigorous optimization methodology that scales impact. For example, they increased activation 150% for one sustainability partner by optimizing their onboarding funnel. Enabling them to help 20,000 more people. Their selective partnership approach also distinguishes us. They turn down organizations misaligned with their mission of empowering purposeful brands. Even foregoing short-term revenue. Additionally, their focus on experimentation and scaling creatives based on learnings - rather than assumptions - drives results. They tailor strategies using research and data analysis. Purpose-driven companies choose Aperture because they balance bottom line and social duty. Their strategies expand audiences and ROI without undermining core values.

Challenges Faced During the Journey:

As a new agency, educating the market on their purpose-led approach was an initial challenge. They had to clearly communicate that business growth and positive impact can go hand-in-hand. Many assumed sacrificing profit was required to focus on social good. They overcame this by showcasing how their ethical strategies drive results through experimentation and optimization. Another hurdle was establishing a selective client filter aligned to their mission. They undertook careful evaluation to filter out misaligned organizations, even at the cost of short-term business. This yielded a purpose-driven client portfolio enabling them to stay true to their core values. They also built an accomplished team united behind their vision to change perceptions. Additionally, as a young company they had to prove themselves as credible players. They overcame this by delivering measurable growth for respected brands focused on mental health, sustainability, and equality. The trust gained through client word-of-mouth validated their positioning as purpose-led marketing experts. They continue to be motivated by proving businesses can grow ethically.

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs:

Follow your purpose - build a company aligned to your values. Stay true to your mission, even if it means turning down mismatched opportunities. Start small - don't be intimidated to begin as a solopreneur. You can scale up over time. Focus on creating value before seeking funding. Trust yourself - have conviction in your vision and don't second-guess. But complement self-belief with listening to users and data. Find support - connect with mentors and partners who share your ideals. Surround yourself with those who empower you. Experiment and iterate - grow through continuous improvement vs. perfectionism. Use criticism as fuel. Learn by doing. Balance passion - bring heart to your work but balance emotions with business rigor. Take care of yourself first. Help others - consider how your company can contribute to real change. Progress comes from lifting up your community. You don't have to choose between purpose and profits. Align the two to build an inspiring, sustainable company. Your unique talents and perspective are needed - you've got this!



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