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Guruprasad G- Founder of Pracctive Advisors

Great Companies: What is Pracctive Advisors all about ?

Guruprasad G: Pracctive - as I would like to refer is a venture of equally passionate, quality conscious professionals. We are a full-service business consulting firm specialized in corporate finance, tax, and regulatory advisory and litigation management. Our additional focus area has also been to provide Virtual CFO services.

Great Companies: What are the attractions of your company?

Guruprasad G: As an organization we are pretty young but our partners carry a cumulative experience of over 40 years into the field of consulting which has leveraged us to stand in good stead both on technical competence and quality of service. Having said that our main attractions are holistic advisory,  ‘take that extra mile’ approach to achieve client delight. The most important of all is our firm culture of providing enough freedom and opportunity to our employees to explore their faculties to the fullest and we follow this in letter and in spirit.

Great Companies:  How do you pledge that your clients will be 100% satisfied?

Guruprasad G: We firmly believe in ‘Walk the Talk’ philosophy and are fortunate that our clients have recognized this aspect of ours and acknowledged. We are determined to build on these fundamentals which would go to ensure client delight.

Great Companies: What is your working strategy that ensures your clients data safe?

Guruprasad G:  We operate with a confidentiality and non-disclosure policy in place and ensure employees are made well aware of data security measures.

Great Companies:  Do you provide training? 

Guruprasad G: Yes we do and each partner works closely with the employees so that they advance from experiences and also contribute independently on new assignments.  

Great Companies:  What was the reason for beginning Pracctive even when there were many established competitors in the field?

Guruprasad G: Our aim of banding together under the banner of Pracctive was to provide holistic and pragmatic solution-oriented consulting services. While it is a known fact that consulting business is all about efficient decision making on complex subjects, there appears to be a slack and could be reduced to mere facilitation in most cases. We intend to bridge that gap. My take on the second part of your question about existence of established competitors is - I firmly believe as long as we stay relevant to clients by addressing their pain points in finance and tax sphere, demonstrate technical problem-solving competency, be nimble-footed in adopting technology and come up with innovative solutions, we would certainly get our share of the pie.

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