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Greeshma Nataraj - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2020

Greeshma Nataraj

Greeshma's Counseling Cafe'

Psychology counseling services

Company Details

I started this service center with an intension of giving space to those who couldn't communicate to their own people whole heartedly and always had fear that they could be judged by their own people. Today after such along period when my clients are finding me comfortable to pour out there heart and give a respectable position in there lives has made me also grow in my career and life.

What challenges have you overcome to reach where you are now

Initial level I was really worried how people will receive me, but I didn't know how i sailed these long years making space for all different types of people across country and today I'm in Kerala past three years initial was a struggle period due to language but now I have won heart's of people over here and that's my achievement.

What message you want to give for other aspiring women entrepreneurs

I always tell my clients that if your mind is convinced about your decision then go ahead with it love yourself and your being then automatically everyone around you will start loving you. Foremost I always say gratitude for what you are in today, as life becomes easy to flow. Believe in you and your passion.

To what do you attribute your success

I attribute my success to those people who found solace in me when they came in contact with me and again my family who is still going strong to support me.

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